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Why the 5% of the ocean?

By Purity IsabokePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Haley Shives on Unsplash

The Earth's majestic oceans, spanning more than 70% of its surface, hold an allure that beckons exploration and hides secrets beyond imagination. Surprisingly, almost half of the US territory lies submerged, yet we've merely skimmed the surface, delving into a mere 5% of this aquatic realm. While a dozen individuals have set foot on the moon, only a handful have ventured into the Mariana Trench, Earth's deepest point..

Beneath the undulating waves that cloak our planet lies a world of breathtaking mysteries that have enchanted humanity for eons. The ocean, a vast expanse covering more than two-thirds of Earth's surface, holds within its depths an allure that tantalizes our imagination and beckons explorers to delve into its enigmatic embrace.

Plumbing the ocean's depths poses unique challenges, mainly due to the crushing pressure and eerie conditions that defy space's trials. Descending into these abyssal realms means confronting bone-chilling temperatures, utter darkness, and a pressure akin to having a hundred elephants or fifty jumbo jets pressing upon you. This pressure, a staggering 1,000 times greater than on land, makes oceanic exploration a Herculean feat compared to space travel.

Despite our prowess in mapping distant planets, unraveling the ocean's mysteries remains elusive. Unlike space exploration using radio waves, the trillions of gallons of water impede such methods. Curiously, the Pacific Ocean appears to shrink while the Atlantic Ocean expands, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of our world's waters.

Moreover, the ocean teems with enigmatic phenomena. From eerie sounds like "the bloop," initially shrouded in mystery but later identified as an iceberg's fracturing, to hidden lakes and rivers formed due to the unique density of saltwater and hydrogen sulfide, the ocean conceals a world within a world.

The ocean's depths conceal treasures that captivate the imagination—a scattered 20 million tons of gold, tantalizingly out of reach using current extraction methods. This watery realm, the cradle of life and a source of oxygen, continues to harbor unknown species and surprises.

Furthermore, the narrative of space exploration unfolds the epic tales of astronauts' courage and the mysteries of celestial bodies. The legendary Apollo 11 mission's lunar landing in 1969 unfurled an extraordinary chapter in human history, revealing the awe-inspiring footprints of humanity beyond our planet. Yet, the moon, shrouded in mystery and perpetually drifting away from Earth, retains an ethereal allure.

But why has only a fraction, a mere 5%, of this aquatic wonderland been explored and studied by humankind? The reasons are as vast and complex as the ocean itself. The ocean's sheer expanse, coupled with its staggering depths, presents a formidable challenge to scientific exploration. The crushing pressure, extreme temperatures, and impenetrable darkness pose significant obstacles to human ventures into its abyssal realms.

It's this very enigma, the promise of uncovering new species, understanding the mechanisms of our planet's life support system, and unraveling the ocean's role in shaping our world, that keeps scientists, explorers, and dreamers tirelessly striving to unlock its secrets.

As we stand on the shores, gazing at the boundless expanse of the ocean stretching to the horizon, we're drawn by an insatiable curiosity—a longing to delve deeper, to comprehend the mysteries concealed within its depths, and to chart a course toward unveiling the wonders that lie beneath the waves. The ocean's allure is undeniable, its mysteries, an invitation to humanity's unceasing quest for understanding and discovery.

These captivating accounts of Earth's extraordinary phenomena, from inexplicable weather anomalies to surreal natural formations like fairy rings, snow donuts, and unexplained lights, reflect the profound depth of our planet's mysteries. The resilience of life in extreme conditions and the uncharted territories hidden within our terrestrial sphere continue to beckon explorers and dreamers into a world brimming with wonder and endless discovery.

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