The Cyber Success Power Generator Is You

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Your Cyber Presence for Success in Life

The Cyber Success Power Generator Is You

Every individual who wants to be discovered needs to have their own website. It is now possible for a child to design and create a website. Website building has come a long way since I first started on the web in 1993, and built my first website, and one for my father.

  • Necessity: This is the beginning of the 21st Century, and we all need to be Cyber savvy. The Internet has a long way to go, and no one should be left behind in the darkness of ignorance. We all need to have a web presence in order to make ourselves known in the cyber world. Always be aware that there is a dark side to the internet. We need to make the internet a safe place, and use the web for the dissemination of knowledge and positive influences for the benefit of humanity.
  • Expression: The internet is a good medium for us to exhibit our creative expressions in the form of music, art, writings, and any other positive creations. Everyone has a story to tell, a poem to write, a drawing to do, and a song to write or to sing. If you like building furniture, there are people who have the same hobby.
  • Audience: The internet is a good way to build an audience of people who like what you do on the web, and who honour and respect your work. But, be prepared for those who do not appreciate you and your work. Those people have their own personal issues and need to handle them. Find your niche, that unique hobby or interest and you will find groups dedicated to that particular hobby or craft.

If you are not a very creative person, please do not use the internet to destroy the morale or reputation of others who are trying to make the world a positive place to live.

  • Showcase: The web is a virtual showcase for artists of every type to display their works for the world to enjoy, admire, and to gain inspiration from viewing. There are now websites on which you can sell your artistic creations.
  • Utility: The constant presence of the web, means that your works and you are on display every day, and at every hour and minute of the day. Your virtual presence on the web is one of the greatest utilities of the internet.
  • Branding: Take the time to build your Brand, and what you as an individual or organization stand for in the world. Your Brand is “You” and the internet is the ultimate medium to put your Brand in front of the world.
  • Marketing: When you have a web presence, you have your shop open to the world to sell your product or service every day, every hour, and at every minute. You have a Cyber Store that never closes, and is open to generate an income for you, even when you sleep. You only need a product or service to sell. Try your hand at Affiliate Marketing, and you will have the products of other people to sell and earn a handsome commission.
  • Cyber Presence: You need a cyber-presence, whether you are eighteen or eighty. Always be cautious about the quantity and quality of the material that you place on the internet in the form of websites or blogs. We all need to make a pledge to keep cyberspace safe for everyone, and to always post decent positive information, which will be productive, inspiring, and useful for anyone who should come across it. Never believe everything that you read, and never trust everyone that you meet on the web, as it is filled with scammers and fraudsters who are out to take your hard earned money as well. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it is a Scam. Always do research and verify everything that you read on the web.

You have all the skills and creativity to be a Cyber Success Power Generator.

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Warren Brown
Warren Brown
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