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The 10 Best Udemy Courses for C++ Programming

You don't have to feel like a dummy anymore! These Udemy courses for C++ programming will get you the skills you need to advance your career.

By Joseph D. N. KendrickPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Udemy is an online education platform allowing skilled content creators to provide educational services to anyone looking to learn. Rather than give college credit, Udemy courses are designed to give professionals the leg-up they need to further their careers. Notably, there is a wide variety of Udemy courses for C++ programming that can help you to become more efficient in your current position or help you land that promotion.

Whether or not you have prior programming experience, there is a Udemy course for your level. Online courses are the most practical options for learning coding and programming. Here are some recommendations!

If you have next to no prior programming experience in C++ or in any other programming language, this should be your first stop. C++: From Beginner to Expert covers everything from beginning your first project to working with functions and multi-dimensional arrays. This package includes over fifteen hours of material divided into 71 lectures separated by topics such as "Conditions," "Loops," and "References and Enum." If you're still on the fence about starting this undertaking, there are a lot of reasons why you should learn C++.

Beginning C++ Programming — From Beginner to Beyondis one of the most thorough and effective Udemy courses for C++ programming on the market. Featuring nearly 40 hours of content spread across a whopping 267 lectures, this course is frequently updated to ensure you're receiving up-to-date information about the most modern version of C++. The extensive curriculum is comparable to a C++ university course because it is, in fact, taught by a university professor with more than 25 years of experience. Another unique feature of this course is the inclusion of numerous exercises, quizzes, and assignments to help you internalize the techniques involved with C++ programming.

While some courses like Beginning C++ Programming — From Beginner to Beyond provide an in-depth, university-grade introduction to C++, Learn and Understand C++ takes a different approach. It will cover basic concepts to help learners who are very new to programming. By trimming the fat and providing you with only the most essential techniques, Learn and Understand C++ allows someone without any prior programming experience to pick up the basic skills necessary to begin programming games and other software with C++.

Learn C++ Programming from Beginner to Expert: 2018 was specifically designed with the programming neophyte in mind. Even if you have absolutely no experience in any sort of programming, this program will help get you on the right path. Learning anything from scratch is never easy, and this is especially true with a complex coding language like C++. However, this comprehensive yet straightforward seventeen-hour course is well organized to get you the information you need quickly and efficiently. You'll know everything you need to about classes and objects by the end. After this, you'll be ready to write a computer program.

Do you need to learn C++ in order to progress in your career? Learn C++ Programming–Beginner to Advance–Deep Dive in C++ is unique in that it provides real world examples of each topic that is covered as you learn how to code, making it one of the most practical Udemy courses for C++ programming. The 21 hours of video in this course include lectures in front of a whiteboard as well as multiple quizzes and workbook projects. This one will cover basic concepts in practical scenarios, making it easier to remember.

Unlike many of the other online courses on this list, Concepts of Object Oriented Programming with C++ is not aimed at the pure beginner. Instead, this program is designed to help someone who has a basic understanding of C++ become an expert in Object Oriented Programming. Upon completion of this course, you'll know every step from #include<iostream> using namespace std to return 0 and every command in between. Concepts of Object Oriented Programming with C++ is short and sweet, clocking in at less than three hours, making it a perfect finishing school for an upcoming C++ programmer.

Looking for a broad introduction to a variety of programming languages? Complete C++, C#, and C Programming for Absolute Beginners provides an introduction to C# and regular C programming as well as C++. If you aren't sure of what specific language you want to learn, the right move may be to get a basic introduction to multiple languages. This Udemy course includes three units of around three hours each covering C++, C#, and C programming completely from scratch.

C/C++ Pointers & Applications is another course for people who already have at least some prior programming experience with C or C++. Once you had a functional understanding of C++, this course is an excellent next step, as it provides all the information you need to understand pointers, one of the most useful and unique aspects of C and C++ programming. This multi-faceted course provides nine articles and ten downloadable resources in addition to a full seven hours of lectures and other videos.

Once you've taken one of the many beginner Udemy courses for C++ programming, what's your next step? Learn Advanced C++ Programming builds upon your existing knowledge of the basics of this programming language to take you to the next level. Understanding C++ is one thing, but being able to effectively implement features like template classes, lambda expressions, and move constructors will truly distinguish you as an effective programmer. Of course, it also goes over classes and objects too. This course provides fifteen hours of practical knowledge to vastly expand your C++ skills.

One of C++'s greatest strengths is its ability to handle a wide variety of data types. It is a particularly popular language for budding video game developers, making it an excellent choice for anyone hoping to create video games of any sort. This course is designed to give C++ programmers the tools and knowledge needed to begin creating games in the Unreal Engine, one of the most popular engines in gaming. While some basic understanding of C++ is helpful for those attempting to take on this sixty-hour course, it is actually designed so that even those with no prior programming experience can pick it up as they go along.

If you've dove into any of these courses and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, you could take a step back and try Ruby, a newbie-friendly programming language. Once you've got those basics down, you'll be ready to start these Udemy courses for C++ programming. Many are easy enough to go in without any other training, but if you're finding them too tricky, starting smaller can be a good way to get yourself on the road to learning C++.

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