Joseph D. N. Kendrick

Writer of words. Haver of cats.

10 Signs Your Cat Is Seriously Ill
7 days ago
As the owner/parent/servant of two cats, I can assure you that no cat owner wants to hear that their cat is seriously ill. If caught early on, however, many health problems in cats can be treated with...
The 10 Best Backpacking Packs for Your Next Trek
8 days ago
It should come as no surprise that choosing a good backpack is an integral aspect of backpacking, and yet so many people cheap out on their packs, much to the detriment of their trips. A good backpack...
Favorite Drinks of Celebrities
13 days ago
I'm not one for celebrity worship, but I'm always down to talk about cocktails. Just about everyone has their preferences and their reasons. For example, I like scotch in the cold months and Margarita...
Differences Between Private and Public School
14 days ago
In the United States, public and private schools exist at every level of education, from pre-kindergarten through university programs. Public schools are funded and regulated by the state and/or feder...
10 Things You Didn't Know About Changing Your Oil
16 days ago
Not everyone is a "car person," and that's alright by me. Even if you don't have any particular interest in cars, however, there's still a good chance you own one. In fact, you probably use it almost ...
Reasons Why You Should Learn C++
20 days ago
There are few programming languages more versatile than C++. It can be used to develop complex video games, websites, and graphics-heavy phone and desktop apps. Becoming a C++ expert is a steep slope,...