Tech Topics that High School Students Should Learn

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Tech Topics that High School Students Should Learn

Living in this era we all are more or less aware of how much we useful and now necessary is having knowledge of technology and information. It is everywhere we see around us and therefore is crucial for all people and especially students to learn the benefits of technology and make them skillful in this area. The internet can be really helpful in developing knowledge of technical related issues. Some of the most basic and the absolute things that all students should know will be discussed below in the article.

Internet of things

Internet of things which is commonly known as IOT is basically the idea that all machines and devices can be linked with the internet. This way it can create a bond between the machines and the digital world which can help us control everything from a distance. This is a piece of very useful knowledge for the students. This can be helpful later in any kind of industry and also in personal life to make life easier and let technology handle your work for you.

Network Virtualization

We all live in a network. We would need to learn to combine the hardware and software into a useable system using network technology. The uses and need for this are huge and limitless. A very common example can be all software testers uses this technology for software testing before the launch of new software. To understand this think of this as developers being able to virtually test their software in different platforms and be able to check the functionality of the software in each platform. Another use of this can be external virtualization. Basically, in this system, an administrator can use virtual networks inside a LAN connection. Also, this can be used for network virtualization and an example of this can be configuring a program to run with an emulator to test its functionality and capabilities and so the developers can look for bug and errors.

Machine Learning

Machine learning can be defined as the technology of enabling a machine to learn new things on its own. This concept can be used to develop artificial intelligence or more commonly known as AI. The best coding language for this is python which can be learned by any high school student as it is fun and easy to learn. Machine learning can be used to analyze and find similar patterns which can be really useful in business for finding clients. Machine learning can eventually shape the world as the potential for this can be endless.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be defined as the technology of making something virtual look as lifelike as possible. Though this sounds like something from the movies and friction it will be a common thing in the near future. Imagine walking in a furniture shop and you want to see how it will look in your home. Now imagine you have a device that enables you to virtually place the furniture in your home so you get a very real feeling of how it will suit your home. This technology can be helpful for business, education, communication, and so many more things that are now unthinkable.

App and website development

The process of developing an app or a website can be called app and website developing. Now in this modern era, almost all organizations need an app and a website to maintain their online presence. Business, schools, colleges, government institutions, sports, international and national organizations—anything you name has a website or needs a website. It is really helpful and even mandatory nowadays to learn app development and website development. There are many many programming languages like html, css, bootstrap, python, php, javascript, java, ruby and many more programming languages that a student can learn to start developing websites. They can be daunting to learn but are really helpful in the long run.

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