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Scopeleads Review: Ultimate Growth Hacking

by James Oliver 3 years ago in product review
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Growth your businesses

In this Scopeleads review, we found the software to be so easy and effective at generating new leads. School kids could do it!!

I can guarantee that finding fresh hot leads has never been easier with Scopeleads.

So let's not mess around and jump straight in, make sure you read the article and don't miss on this insane growth hacking tool.

What is ScopeLeads - Quick run down.

Let's keep this quick and to the point – ScopeLeads may be a B2B generation SaaS (software as a service) that automates the method of finding B2B leads then sends cold emails to those organizations using the personalized, useful messages you've created or the fantastic built-in templates.

You save tons of time doing it this manner rather than having to try to to it yourself.

The software's creator, Lior Ohayon, worked with a software developer to make a program that might automate the whole process of finding leads so that he could specialize in building his business.

Scopeleads is gaining in popularity, and it's easy to see why! Scopeleads automate lead generation, and the features will blow your mind and save you time.

Although ScopeLeads has really taken off, the team still works to make ScopeLeads the best it can be so everybody everywhere can automate the process of lead generation.

How to generate leads, and who can use Scopeleads?

Scopeleads is for businesses looking to generate more leads, save time and ultimately get more customers. The software stands out from the crowd with great UX and UI, so you don't need to be a genius or marketing guru to get the software working.

All you need do is three steps….. which only takes a minute.

  1. Enter Your Keyword And Location.
  2. Choose whether you're looking for a business that needs social media, mobile or SEO help.
  3. Hit search.

That's you done. Let ScopeLeads come up with the answers. It's so simple.

The software is ideal for

  • SEO's
  • Website designers
  • Social media managers
  • Agencies
  • Internet marketers
  • Anybody looking to find businesses online.

You can target any sort of niche - (here's a few to get you started)

  • General Contractors
  • Fitness/Weight Loss
  • Health
  • E-Commerce aka MMO (Make Money Online)
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Attorneys
  • Boutiques/Salons
  • Veterinarians
  • Real Estate

Settings you can optimize

This is where Scopeleads really does shine! You can find potential customers needing what you sell. Which is gold!!!

ScopeLeads can target customers lacking in:

  • Social
  • Seo
  • Schema
  • Adwords Bidding
  • Adwords
  • Retargeting Facebook
  • No Website
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Video
  • Review
  • SSL

Let me put everything into perspective so far, and you will realize why im so excited for you to try this!!

You want to sell website design services.

Step 1. Type in Keyword and Location- ie Dentists, New York.

Step 2. Find businesses with a missing SSL.

Step 3. Email the hundreds of businesses that require your services.

There are so many different variations, but the quality of leads can be very high and the number of different niches, locations and services. Will keep your pipeline full, even though this outbreak!!

Scopeleads CRM - Free email marketing

There's no need to spend additional money on expensive email marketing software, Scopeleads has it built-in.

You can set up automatic workflows to follow up on your prospects with no extra effect, just set it and forget it.

There is 11 email templates included which are better than most templates you will find online.

  • Straight Kill- Mobile View
  • ScopeLeads Marketing Audit
  • Fake Audit
  • Video Audit
  • Boss Trick
  • Straight Kill Simple
  • Straight Kill Social Lacking (Sale)
  • Straight Kill Social Lacking
  • Straight Kill SEO Lacking
  • Straight Kill AdWords Lacking
  • Boss Trick Follow up (If they reply, not for ScopeLeads)

If you're a pro or a novice, those email templates will sky-rocket any emailing campaign.

ScopeLeads Pricing

There is monthly pricing and yearly pricing. Monthly starts at $67 a month, and yearly is $53 a month with 3 MONTHS FREE!!

I still don't know why it is this low, especially after a successful product hunt launch.


If you have found this Scopeleads review helpful and want to sign up, I will include my bonus email templates and high converting niche checklist too. All you have to do is sign up to ScopeLeads with my affiliate link, then send me an email and I'll send them over.

ScopeLeads> https://swiy.io/Scopeleads-Bonus

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