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Online assessments myths- BUSTED

Online assessments have gained popularity but, a hoard of myths surrounding it is inevitable. So let’s try and bust some myths. Read on to know more:

By mayank kejriwalPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Online assessments have gained popularity in present-day recruitment. As we see potential employers trying to bridge the gap and see how well a prospective candidate fits the profile he has been picked for.

An online assessment that is high quality, extensive customizable library, and a ruthless cheating mechanism, will add great value to any organization, however big or small, by delivering insight into the selection process and the work style, ethics, aptitude, preferences, etc of an individual. But with the sudden boom in the popularity of these tools, a hoard of myths surrounding them is inevitable.

So let’s embark on a mission where we try and bust some of the most popular myths on online assessment.

Myth 1: Assessments are not accurate

Fact: Online assessment tools come to the rescue here with automated and comprehensive reports of the candidates based on their performance in the test and end up eliminating any sort of human error. These reports will be delivered straight to your desktop enabling a recruiter to analyze results with ease from their cabin. Also, they can increase the probability of hiring quality candidates and also help screen and select the best-suited candidates for a specific job profile.

They say that To err is human.

So what should you do when one bad hiring choice can affect your organization when it comes to time as well as money.

Well, there is a solution. Eliminate human bias and mistakes by bringing in automated online pre-assessment tools. Pre-employment skill testing can help you in finding a proper job fit between the candidate and the job you are recruiting for. Online assessment tools can help you here by matching the right candidate to the right job leads to increased productivity and reduced total employee turnover. One of the features of these tools includes an automated grading process that ensures all the test scores are objective and free of any type of human error.

Myth 2: Expensive

Fact: An online assessment tool is not only cost-effective but also the simplest, valid, and reliable way to identify top talents. And if you are ready to invest a little bit of money in online assessment tools, you will actually be able to save even more money during the complete hiring process.

Online assessment is an exceptionally efficient as well as an effective method of recruitment in which you can focus on such candidates who are worth moving forward into the next phase of the hiring process. Because no matter how many candidates you have to consider, they can be evaluated simultaneously in a matter of a few seconds. This approach is extremely user-friendly and more cost-effective than any traditional method.

Myth 3: Candidates can easily falsify the results

Fact: Contrary to popular beliefs Online assessments have ZERO tolerance for cheating.

One of the most common myths about online assessments that have been doing the rounds is that the candidates can falsify the results. A lot has been said about online assessment tests over the internet. But some traditionalist recruiter who believes in perfectionism, still thinks that it comparatively better to have traditional recruitment methods as they give them the opportunity to manually invigilate the whole examination procedure and ensure that the candidates do not undertake any cheating methods. However, as the candidates get smart and go on a cheating spree, online assessments are catching along as well.

Get advanced security with:

(1) Webcam Monitoring feature allows capturing of test takers’ periodic images during an exam/test.

(2) Window Proctoring feature mandates that the candidates stay on the test screen for the whole duration of the test.

(3) Copy Detection Module checks a submission across all submissions and gives a report with similarity and diff metrics

(4) Question Pooling feature enables the showcase of a set of questions chosen randomly from a large pool of questions.

(5) Shuffle question and (6) Shuffle options feature shuffles the order in which questions and options are shown to a candidate.

(7) Force full-screen feature forces the candidate to make full screen and then give the test.

Myth 4: Negative candidate experience

Fact: We have noticed a slight worry in Quora that online testing is not especially popular among candidates and hence might hurt your recruiting process and in turn the organization.

Research into candidate experience and feedback has enact thrown light on the fact that in fact the very fact that the organization has made an effort to automate their screening process and be thorough in their filtering of candidates, acted as a great positive in the perceptions of the organization as a brand.


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