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Newer Setting up and using the barcode scanner in QuickBooks

Barcode scanner in QuickBooks

By MasonoliviaPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

You will also know, by adopting Advanced Inventory, you'll work with barcodes for creating the data entries faster and easier in QuickBooks Desktop. Once you've got assigned the barcodes to all or any of your items, you only need to scan the barcodes at the time of purchase or selling those product items. Scanning barcodes also result in adjusting the quantities of things at a similar time. Let’s start the procedure to set up and use a barcode scanner in QuickBooks Desktop without taking pretty much time of yours. Just check out the below to try and do so:

Procedure to set up and Use Barcode Scanning in QuickBooks Desktop

Here will discuss the procedure that helps you to set up and use barcode scanning in QuickBooks Desktop. We divide the procedure into fragments so you'll separately affect their queries and learn what you would like to see go in their scanner and the way to set up and test a barcode scanner comfortably. Get all the main points from here.

How to Check If Your Scanner Is Compatible?

Here you'll know that first; you've got to confirm that your scanner will work properly with QuickBooks. Just to understand about it, verify the points listed below:

Points to Remember:

  • Serial port scanners aren't supported and compatible with the ES Barcode feature.
  • A different kind of scanner is required by the Warehouse Manager Application and sales order fulfillment worksheet.
  • Your scanner must supports EAN-13 (International Article Number, formerly European Article Number) and Code-128 barcodes
  • At the close of the barcode, your scanner must produce one carriage return

Note: If both the points you've got in your scanner, your scanner is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop. But if any of the points are lacking then change your scanner.

How to set up Your USB Barcode Scanner (Steps)?

Once you carry your scanner plugged in, you'll now set up the scanner. You'll do that with the easy steps listed below:

  • To begin, open the “QuickBooks Desktop” then reach the “Edit” menu.
  • Once you visited then choose “Preferences”
  • Now choose “Items and Inventory”, then choose the “Company Preferences” tab by clicking on that.
  • Choose “Advanced Inventory Settings”, then choose the “Barcodes” tab by clicking on that.
  • After that, “Enable Barcode” then picks the “Open Barcode Wizard” option by clicking on that.
  • Choose the item field which you're willing to use for barcode tracking inside the
  • “Barcode Scanning Setup wizard”. If you don’t confirm what to use then select a field that may be unique for every particular item. It includes the Item Name or Part Number. And then, click on the “Next” option.
  • Make a variety for the categories of things to which you're willing to come up with barcodes.
  • Now simply click on the “Next” option then hit “Finish” to finish it

How to Start Using Your Scanner (Steps)?

Do you want to understand the way to start using Your Scanner? Here you recognize the list of steps that may assist you in using your scanner within the right format. Once you've got tested your scanner then it'll be available to use. Follow some key points:

  • In QuickBooks Desktop you've got to open a transaction
  • Simply scan an item with the barcode scanner connected to the Desktop/ PC. You'll see the item on the transaction as a brand new item

To fill out any of the transactions you've got to scan barcodes, these transactions are listed below:

These are the transactions that support Barcode Scanner in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Estimates
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Sales Receipts
  • Refunds & Credits
  • Purchase Orders
  • Item Receipts
  • Bills
  • Write Checks
  • Inventory transfers

How to Test Your Scanner?

For testing your scanner you would like to follow through with the steps discussed below. Here you recognize, the Barcode Scanner Testers is an application that helps you in finding out if your QuickBooks Desktop can recognize your USB scanner.

  • In the beginning, you've got to download the “Barcode Scanner Tester” if it's not already downloaded. If you've got it on your PC then simply run it. Confirm to remain within the application and finish it before moving to other Windows or Tabs.
  • Then you've got to manually type the sentence that may appear within the tester into the “first empty text field”.
  • Now choose the “second text field”. Then use your scanner to scan any barcode.

Note: Remember that, From QuickBooks Desktop, it ought not to be a barcode.

  • Choose the “Test” option if the software can recognize your scanner then click on the “Next” option.
  • You will see a brand new text box on your screen. Then choose it and scan any barcode you're willing to scan.
  • Choose the “Test” option. You’ll get the successful message on your screen if your scanner is compatible with QuickBooks

We hope, now you'll be ready to set up and Use Barcode Scanning in QuickBooks Desktop through this post. But if you continue to have some issues associated with this topic and you can't do it manually, visit our website businessaccounting.com and through a live chat contact our Pro-advisors and find complete assistance from us.

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