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by Barış Can Tayiz about a year ago in product review

JS tech

While the coronavirus pandemic breaks everywhere, I start to think myself what can I do in my spare time in this time period. So I start to take many courses from Udemy. There are really good courses there. After that, I took one javascript course and I loved it. Because it was practical and really fun, creative.


AppLand a web application collections that are made for you to have a great time online and some tools that are made…

I put here a COVID statistics app and I will improve it in the next days. There are also some simple apps you can enter the site and try. I also benefited from APIs on rapid API and created useful apps from this.

Now I have several ideas and project types to imply on that site to make to more colourful and useful that people can have a great time on site. I used javascript mainly for functions and javascript has different libraries for different purposes.

Finding the right game idea and implying it a good structure is not easy. My next projects could be like about canvas base 2D or three.js 3D games or WebGL unity games etc.

Mainly there are several project types you can name it:

Games Projects: Information games, Knowledge games, Puzzles, action games, hybrid games card games etc.

API Projects: API structure can change, and also you can make your own API with FastAPI or flask, Django. https://fastapi.tiangolo.com/ you can look at learning how to use or https://rapidapi.com/.

Data Applications or AI projects. R shiny or some applications or javascript plotly libraries you could create some data projects or something.

In brief, on this website, I try to improve my skills by doing and learn to production type applications. I use google analytics tool to understand user behaviour etc.

It looks like a portfolio site but I will try to improve it by analytic tools and I think API services are very helpful and provides many workforces by themselves. You can think APIs as a workforce that helps you.

The final thing is I saw articles like this on the internet:

How to deploy a static website for free in only 3 minutes with Google Drive

This was originally posted on…


You will hear much more of these .io or something like tools that could help you for production etc.

Fast.io is a good solution for static websites. You can create a blog or content website with it easily.

Deploying Machine Learning Models as API using AWS

A guide to accessing SageMaker Machine Learning Model endpoints through API using Lambda function.

You can also create and make your API as a service. You can find guidance also at this link with python.

How to Build an API in Python (with Django)

Today in this tutorial, we're going to cover the following: How to start a project in Django. How to deliver JSON to a…


Progressive web applicatons is the new trend. If you want to follow this trend, you could use javascript technologies and further application development languages and libraries for this purpose. There is an online course on udemy about progressive web applications. My next step is to change my website into a progressive one. There are lots of improvements and ideas going on my mind but, marketing, SEO and other things is also another element of creating a successful website.

https://website.grader.com/ is a good tool for grading your website. When you grade your website and see the resulting analytics, you can move and change some materials and learn the purposeful things that website need.


You can read this article. If you want to create a blog, there are lots of advirtesement going on. However, if you want to create great tools, a good design which I discovered by hand is javascript technologies. You could hear the angular or react technologies, but I read some articles and decided to go Vue.js. It is really new and good technology. It seems such a native language and its design and coding body is easily understandable.


if you read this article, you could see that Vue.js really has an advantage.

You can search and see javascript technologies and libraries and create games, apps and etc.

I am also a data scientist and my main core language has been python. However, If you want to be "maker", Django library has good documentation and it seems good.

But, when you use Vanilla Javascript + Vue Javascript you see that you don't separate your tech stack and you keep javascript fundamental on your programming skills.

I may be helpful for your developer path. I am also a junior developer but as you will see speciality is working hard(smart) or planned manner.

I hope you enjoyed the article. I wish you will also enjoy at my website.

Have a good day.

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