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My Car Wallpaper Collection for iPhone Lock Screen

Best Car Wallpaper for iPhone

By Manpreet Singh BhinderPublished about a year ago 3 min read

This story is all about my car wallpaper collection. I'm a car enthusiast and I hope you are as well. Here are the wallpapers I used for my iPhone lock screen, and I will share download links with you. I'm excited to share my collection with you guys and showcase my love of cars.

But before that, let's start by discussing the appeal of using car wallpapers as the lock screen on an iPhone. For many car enthusiasts, their love of cars extends beyond just driving them or admiring them on the road. It's a passion that can be incorporated into their daily lives. What better way to do that than by setting a car wallpaper as the lock screen on their phone? It's a subtle, yet meaningful way to show off their love of cars to others, and it adds a personal touch to their device.

Now Let Me Share My Car Wallpaper Collection

1. Car Wallpaper - BMW M3 GTR From NFS Most Wanted Game.

Alright! Many of you maybe remember this car from the Need For Speed Most Wanted game or for some it's a new car. For me, it is my favorite car in the game. I use this car wallpaper on my iPhone Screen, my PS4 Theme, and my Desktop. I consider this to be my all-time favorite car wallpaper. Below is my iPhone lock screen setup.

Download this Wallpaper - Pinterest

Another Wallpaper I love -

2. Car Wallpaper - Nissan 350Z from NFS Underground 2

NFS Underground 2 was my second favorite game. This Nissan 350Z was featured in the NFS Underground 2 game. I love the green color of this 350Z. It has an attractive and stylish appearance. The first time you see this sexy car, you will fall in love. This car wallpaper is also my favorite car wallpaper that I use for my iPhone lock screen and home screen. Below is a screenshot from my iPhone.

1 Wallpaper

2 Wallpaper

Download this Wallpaper - 1 Wallpaper , 2 Wallpaper

Another Wallpaper that I love -

3. Car Wallpaper - Again NFS Most Wanted BMW M3 GTR Dark Wallpaper

This wallpaper is suitable for those who love the Dark Theme Lock Screen on iPhone. I'm sure you will like this wallpaper too. However, I have another wallpaper for my home screen, which is a combination of the BMW M3 GTR and Godzilla. See the screenshot from my iPhone.

1 Wallpaper

2 Wallpaper

Download these Wallpapers - 1 Wallpaper , 2 Wallpaper

4 Car Wallpaper - Yellow and Black Porsche

Recently, I downloaded this wallpaper from Pinterest and I love how it looks. This combination of yellow and black is refreshing on my iPhone lock screen. Check out my iPhone lock screen setup screenshots below and let me know in the comment section if you like this wallpaper.

1 Wallpaper

2 Wallpaper

Download these Wallpapers - 1 Wallpaper , 2 Wallpaper

5. Car Wallpaper - Blue Skyline GTR

This is my last car wallpaper for my iPhone lock and home screen. This car wallpaper is one of Paul Walker's favorites. When I first saw the Fast and Furious 4 movie I fell in love with the car. From that moment on, this car became one of my favorites. I hope you will also like this blue skyline GTR wallpaper. See the screenshot of my iPhone lock and home screen setup.

1 Wallpaper

2 Wallpaper

Download these wallpapers - 1 Wallpaper , 2 Wallpaper

I have attached every wallpaper download link. If I have missed anything, please let me know in the comment section. Apart from this, if you want more car wallpapers, you can follow my Pinterest account.

Pinterest - www.in.pinterest.com/bhinderpreet36/

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