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Must-Have Features and APIs for Android App Development

by Liza kosh 14 days ago in apps

Android App Development

Must-Have Features and APIs for Android App Development

Android apps are in great demand because of cheap internet, fast speed, and a smart-phone or gadget in every hand. Android app development deals with working on cool features that draw the attention of Android users. To add exciting features to your app, the primary requirement is to understand Android App Development's fundamentals. They are as follows:

• Mastering JAVA and XML programming language

• Using build automation tools like Android app studio IDE or Eclipse

• Sound knowledge of Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and Gradle to manage your builds

• Use the Git Pocket Guide to learn the git and then create a git-source repository

• Knowing the different Application Components

• Knowledge of Fragmentations, Android Application, Threads, Loaders, and Tasks

• Learning top skills like Angular, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Servlets, JSPs, and SOA

Once you have mastered these skills and are proficient in using the tools mentioned above, it is crucial to work on the latest Android 11 features and related APIs. A leading Android App Development company has expert developers having knowledge and proficiency in implementing the latest features.

Advanced Features and Related APIs for Android 11

Check out the following latest features and APIs that are available for Android 11:

1. New Experiences

Developers can provide a new unique experience to users through device controls and APIs to control connected external devices. Media controls can be displayed in a swipeable carousel, having various other options.

2. Screens

Android 11 has better support for waterfall displays, which wrap around the device edge. Android apps running on devices with hinge-based screen configurations can determine the hinge angle by providing a new sensor to monitor the hinge angle and provides a measurement in degrees between two integral parts of the device.

3. Conversions

Android 11 has various Conversation improvements that are real-time, bidirectional communications between two or more people. For more info, check out People and conversations. Chat Bubbles allow developers to help surface conversations across the system. Also, there are 5G visual indicators to tell users when they're on 5G.

4. Privacy

Users get enhanced privacy and security with biometric authentication updates. There are different Authentication types, and you can determine which type was used. New features also allow secured sharing of large datasets while reducing data redundancy over the network and on the disk. It also allows performing file-based encryption after an OTA restart.

5. Performance and Quality

Android 11 supports wireless debugging via Android Debug Bridge (ADB). ADB Incremental APK installation accelerates this process by installing enough APK to launch the app while streaming the remaining data in the background. Error detection using the native memory allocator, Neural Networks API 1.3, QoS API, Memory domain input/output, and new ML controls help machine learning run smoothly.

6. Connectivity

Wi-Fi Passpoint enhancements, API expansion, GNSS antenna support are some of the amazing features to provide seamless connectivity.

7. Graphics

The NDK image decoder API provides a standard API to decode images directly. Frame rate API reduces judder on devices, and users can also request and check for low latency support, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned main features and APIs, there are many more advanced features for Android App Development related to images and camera, accessibility, app process exit reasons, resource loaders, APK signature scheme V4, dynamic intent filters, auto-fill enhancements, data sharing with content capture service, etc.


Leading Android Development Companies focus on implementing the latest features and APIs of Android. Android app development deals with creating and launching robust, creative, and innovative apps for the end-users.

Liza kosh
Liza kosh
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