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Most Luxurious Wearables for 2018

Technology is advancing rapidly, and its impact on the list of luxurious wearables for 2018 is undeniable.

By James LizowskiPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

So far, this year has brought along so many amazing wearables that are geared towards ensuring maximum comfort. Yes, technology has definitely transformed the concepts of wearables, as more people are now aware of its new benefits.

Today, there are more applications for wearable than ever before; wearable techs can function as smartphones with the ability to make calls, send texts, and monitor heart rates. Yes, wearable techs are becoming more fashionable and luxurious. In addition to this, wearables also come in expensive and inexpensive options, and this features and functions of the gadget. So, let's take a look at the most luxurious wearables for 2018.

Apple definitely takes the price when it comes to high tech gadgets. In fact, it's the first gadget that comes to mind when you think of luxurious wearable devices. The new Apple Series 3 is an improvement over the previous model. Although it features the same sleek and opulent square shape, the series 3 wearable is slightly thicker than the previous model. It also features an 18-hour battery life, connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.2, and enables more freedom by moving your apps to your wrist. Plus you can exchange the band with the best Apple Watch bands to buy in 2018 for a fully custom look! Mind you, Apple Series 3 is more than a smartwatch, as it also features a fitness tracker and better wrist straps. However, this luxurious wearable gadget comes at no small cost. So, get ready to be set back by a few hundred bucks. It might be worth it though, since the Apple Watch 3 broke boundaries for fitness wearables.

Here's a luxury wearable that will absolutely pique the interest of sports enthusiasts. The Garmin Forerunner is an improvement from the conventional type of fitness tracking wearable. Besides its fitness tracking features, this smartwatch has integrated music playing features into its functions. This improvement has transformed sports and physical exercises—users can listen to music and watch their heart rates while performing their physical routine. They can listen to their podcast and audio books, without worrying about any glitch while performing physical activities. Garmin Forerunner 645 comes with a 4GB internal memory that enables users to store at least 500 songs. Despite these amazing benefits, Garmin Forerunner has a low battery life, which is quite a turn-off for most people. Furthermore, it doesn't have access to streaming services yet.

The Swiss watchmakers are at it again. This time, they've created a perfect blend of class and smart functions. The Withings Activité is the perfect fit for those with a sense of style and class. It doubles as a fitness tracker with up-to-date features that monitor your activities, calories, and heart rate. In addition to this, it can track your sleep rate in order to gauge signs of stress, and its distance tracker is an invaluable asset for joggers. Withings Activité smartwatch is available in black and white color and constructed from a rust-free stainless steel case. It's impervious sapphire touchscreen is smooth to the touch and enables easily toggling of the basic functions.

Samsung is a flagship model for smartphones, and it's no surprise that they also produce luxurious smartwatches. Yes, the S3 is absolutely one of the most luxurious smart wearables. With an intuitive bezel display, this wearable technology is compatible with both Android OS and iOS. Although, it has a more classy outlook than the previous model; S2, it is bigger and bulkier. The Gear S3's bigger build affords it a larger screen and bigger battery. Users get to enjoy up to 3 days of battery life on the Samsung Gear S3. Let's not forget that it comes with a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and an improved Samsung Health Software.

Searching for a smartwatch that combines the best of fitness tracking and smartphone functions? Then this is your best bet. In fact, sports enthusiasts will have a field day with this amazing wearable. Fitbit Ionic's algorithms are perfectly geared for tracking different forms of workout sessions; from swimming to running to biking to hiking, and to even weight lifting. What's more, this company boasts that its GPS is unlike any other on the smartwatch market. It's one of the best GPS watches in 2018. With a 4-day battery life, you don't have to worry about incessant charging. Despite all this, the Ionic doesn't have the option of cellular connectivity. Therefore, you won't enjoy the stand-alone functionalities that come with smartwatches like Samsung Gear S3.

At first glance, the LG Watch Sport looks like a conventional wristwatch. Well, that's until you explore its functions. Although it was launched in 2017, this smartwatch is still one of the most luxurious out there. The Watch Sport has a more round outlook than the previous model, the LG Watch Style. Besides its applications, which serve as a perfect companion for outdoor activities, it is also perfect for keeping track of reps in the gym. However, it's not suitable for swimming for long periods, as it is only water-resistant for 30 minutes. Mind you, it's 1.83 inch OLED display is definitely worth watching for. Lastly, it has a wide width of 46mm and a bulky build, which some might find cumbersome for outdoor actives.

It's a fact that smartwatches are becoming more stylish than the previous and early models that had little to no aesthetic appeal. Today, it's no surprise to see collaborations between designer companies and smartwatches, and Michael Kors Access Grayon is a prime example of that. This model is for the fashion conscious individuals since it creates a perfect blend of class and functionality. What's more noticeable about this new design, is it's 1.39 inch AMOLED display. This smartwatch will greatly complement those who want a taste of both fashion and functionality.

Well, the list of luxurious wearables for 2018 will be incomplete without a Casio G-shock smartwatch. For years, this Japanese company has been churning out high-powered and effective smartwatches. What makes this smart wearable unique, is its ability to power up through solar energy. With just 5 hours of charging, users can get up to 33 hours of standard GPS navigation. In addition to this, the digital watch display will remain charged due to its solar charging in the background. The G Shock GPR-B1000 might look bulky to some, but ardent fans of G-shock will definitely love its chunky outlook. Lastly, this luxurious smartwatch can function in temperatures as low as - 20°C.

Here's another luxurious smartwatch for the fashion-conscious folks. The Emporio Armani is the product of a perfect blend of elegant styling with functionality. The designer brand's logo is prominently displayed on its high-powered touchscreen display. Powered by Google's smartphone platform, Android wear 2.0, this wearable is compatible with both Android OS and iOS. You can easily stay in touch with recent updates, read your text messages, and stream your favorite playlist. Furthermore, the smartwatch has an activity tracker that keeps tabs on your daily physical routines. Lastly, it's adjustable wrist strap speaks of comfort and fits snugly on your wrist.

The Movado Connect proves that wearable tech has found a perfect balance with aesthetics. The outer rings of the Movado Connect was inspired by famous artist Chul Hyun Ahns's "Perceiving Infinity." This work of art denotes the physical representation of infinite space. Beyond its exquisitely designed watch faces, the Movado Connect contains the latest Android Wear Platform and a 46.5mm gold plated stainless steel frame. In addition to its, it has a brilliant display with over 100 variations and can display emails, text messages, and even play music. Although it doesn't have a stand-alone function, this luxurious wearable tech can integrate with both Android OS and iOS. Mind you, this luxurious wearable comes at no small cost. However, it's really worth the hype when you consider it's exquisite design and functionalities.


Finally, you can have the best of both worlds; technology and luxury. Yes, luxury watches have successfully made the transition from mechanical watch into smart wearables. So, be sure to add these luxurious wearables for 2018 to your collection.

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