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Meet's Noise-Cancellation Feature Removes Background Noise for a Better Call Experience

Say Goodbye to Distractions during Google Meet Calls

By AFRIDH REFAMPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Google Meet

Are you tired of background noise disrupting your Google Meet calls? Well, Google has got your back. Google Meet has recently released a feature that will remove background noise during your call, even if you dial in from your phone. This article will discuss how the feature works, why it's important, and how it will improve your Google Meet experience.

What is the new Google Meet feature ?

The new Google Meet feature is a real-time noise-cancellation tool that can filter out background noise, making it easier for users to hear and understand each other during their calls. The feature uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the audio and filter out noise like typing, doorbells, and dogs barking.

How does the feature work ?

When you join a Google Meet call, the noise-cancellation feature will automatically start working to remove background noise. If you're dialing in from a phone, Google Meet will use your device's microphone to pick up your voice and filter out any background noise. The feature works in real-time, so you won't have to worry about editing your audio later.

Why is this feature important ?

Background noise can be a major distraction during video calls, and it can make it difficult for participants to hear and understand each other. The new noise-cancellation feature helps users focus on the conversation and not the background noise, making the call more productive and efficient. Additionally, it can help reduce stress and fatigue associated with noisy calls.

Who can use the new feature ?

The new feature is available to all Google Meet users, including those who dial in from their phone. However, the feature is currently only available on the web version of Google Meet, and it's not yet available on the mobile app.

How can you turn the feature on and off ?

The noise-cancellation feature is turned on by default, but users can turn it off if they prefer. To turn the feature off, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen during the call, and select "Turn off noise cancellation." To turn it back on, simply click on the same icon and select "Turn on noise cancellation."

What are the benefits of the new feature ?

The benefits of the new feature include a more productive and efficient call, reduced stress and fatigue, and improved audio quality. Additionally, the feature is easy to use, and it's available to all Google Meet users at no additional cost.

What are the limitations of the feature ?

While the noise-cancellation feature is an excellent addition to Google Meet, there are some limitations to the tool. The feature may not work as effectively in noisy environments with multiple sources of noise. Additionally, the feature may occasionally filter out important audio, such as the sound of a doorbell or a fire alarm.

How does this feature compare to other noise-cancellation tools ?

Google Meet's noise-cancellation feature is comparable to other noise-cancellation tools on the market, such as Zoom's noise suppression feature. However, Google Meet's feature is unique in that it works in real-time, making it more efficient and effective.


The new Google Meet noise-cancellation feature is a game-changer for users who frequently participate in video calls. The feature is easy to use, works in real-time, and is available to all Google Meet users. By removing background noise, the feature helps users focus on the conversation and increases productivity. While there are some limitations to the tool, overall, the new feature is an excellent addition to Google Meet and is sure to improve users' overall experience.


Does the new Google Meet feature work on mobile devices ?

Currently, the noise-cancellation feature is only available on the web version of Google

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