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Lop Nur, which was bombed many times by China with nuclear weapons, what does it look like now?


By ahongPublished about a month ago 3 min read

China's vast territory and rich resources have garnered much attention. However, such diversity in terrain and climate also brings a variety of natural landscapes. In the Mohe area of China, there is an extremely cold region, desolate but instrumental in forging the greatness of the Chinese nation. This area is known as Lop Nur.

When it comes to Lop Nur, it is widely recognized as the site of numerous nuclear weapon tests conducted by China. The emotional attachment of the Chinese people to Lop Nur is profound, as it was once a renowned nuclear testing ground. The research and development of nuclear weapons are not as simple as one might think. China faced restrictions and obstacles from other countries during its development, but after many attempts, China successfully developed the hydrogen bomb. Lop Nur continued to serve as a nuclear base until 1996 when all tests ceased.

It is known that Lop Nur was bombed twice with nuclear weapons, but in reality, it may have been subjected to many more tests. The damage nuclear substances can inflict on an area is immense. As a research site for nuclear weapons, what is the current state of Lop Nur?

To this day, the nuclear research base at Lop Nur is off-limits to outsiders and is one of China's most heavily guarded areas. The village of Malan, where the nuclear test site is located, has become a base for patriotic education. With government efforts, the desolate environment has been transformed.

The primary reason Lop Nur was chosen as a nuclear weapons development site was its sparse population and unsuitable living conditions. However, with the continuous change in strength and basic environmental applications, the area has presented different possibilities.

China's construction process has also been accelerating, and data shows that there have been no further tests in this area since 1996, indicating a change. However, the test areas will not be open to the public due to the threat of nuclear contamination and other uncertain factors in the environment, which poses more issues.

Lop Nur is a heroic region for China, sacrificing its environmental development to provide us with more say. Under the same circumstances, it deserves more respect.

No country wishes to be restricted. The impact of nuclear weapon explosions is enormous, and it is undesirable to have further issues under the same circumstances.

Lop Nur is a cradle of heroes, but now, due to different needs, its positioning has also changed. If better development models can be found, it would be a good choice, but safety considerations are paramount. As a nuclear test site, there will inevitably be residues, which is why control over the area remains strict. It also serves to prevent technological theft from other countries. Although we have made corresponding clearances, we must not be complacent about technology.

The future may take a long time to determine, but currently, one thing everyone must know is that in the current progress, we need more protection and development to leverage our advantages at the baseline. If we cannot support some energy aspects, we must help in weapons. The interior of China's nuclear weapon research is actually the most difficult. We are not only technically isolated but also clearly cannot reach the application in some economic foundations. Therefore, any achievements are certainly worth celebrating.

Looking back, many people feel it's a pity that the development of the Lop Nur area is regrettable, but in fact, for China, such development and sacrifice are more valuable to cherish.

Compared to other countries, if we do not take the lead in this development advantage, it will be more difficult to have technical common luck later. Nuclear weapons have stopped China's wavering and given us more say, allowing China's voice to be heard in subsequent development.

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