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"How strong is China now?"


By ahongPublished 28 days ago 3 min read

The Rise and Future of Chinese Industry: Pride and Glory Through the Eyes of Professionals

Have you ever noticed that when we mention "Made in China," an indescribable sense of pride wells up in our hearts? Where does this pride come from? Today, as a practitioner in the industrial field, let me take you on a journey to explore the secrets behind the rise of China's industry and the deep pride it brings us.

Significant Enhancement of Industrial Strength

It has to be said, the development speed of China's industry is truly astonishing! I remember a few decades ago, we were still a country with relatively weak industrial foundations. But now, a report from the United Nations has confirmed that China has the most complete range of industries in the world, with first-class equipment. Speaking of this, I think of those world records—the tallest bridge, the longest bridge, the most complex interchange, all in China! It's nothing short of a miracle in the history of construction, which makes one admire our architectural level and the spirit of craftsmen.

Leading Achievements in Power and Transportation

Did you know that China's electricity generation is 1.5 times that of the United States and a full 2 times that of the European Union! What an impressive achievement. Imagine, the electricity load of a single province can exceed that of a European country, which requires how strong power support and technical assurance behind it. Oh, and our high-speed trains, that speed, that comfort, are simply world-class. Every time I take the high-speed train and watch the scenery flash by outside the window, I can't help but sigh: China, you have truly become strong!

The Earth-Shattering Changes Brought by Reform and Opening Up

Speaking of reform and opening up, this is the key move for the rise of China's industry. Since the reform and opening up, our country has been like pressing the fast-forward button, with industrial development advancing rapidly. In the past, we had to rely on other people's technology, but now it's great, we have our own core technology, not only can we eat well, but we can also stand tall and walk at the forefront of the world. This change is earth-shattering!

The Improvement of International Status and Future Prospects

With the rise of China's industry, our international status has also risen. Now, who dares to look down on "Made in China"? In the future, we must continue to firmly grasp core technology and make "Smart Made in China" the world's leader. Speaking of this, I am full of expectations! I believe that in the near future, China will shine on the international stage.

Now, do you understand where our sense of pride comes from? From the significant enhancement of industrial strength, to the leading achievements in power and transportation, to the earth-shattering changes brought by reform and opening up, and to the improvement of international status... all of these make us feel proud from the heart. The rise of China's industry is not only the rise of the economy but also the rise of national strength, which is the result of the joint efforts of every Chinese person.

So every time I see the four words "Made in China," a warm current flows through my heart, which belongs to the pride and pride of us Chinese. This pride not only comes from the brilliant achievements we have made but also from our confident outlook for the future. Let us work together to strive for a better tomorrow!

Finally, I want to say that if you also feel this pride and pride, please join me in cheering for the rise of China's industry and being proud of our great motherland! Because no matter where we go, "Made in China" is our most solid backing and our eternal pride!

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