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IT Infrastructure Professional Skill Set

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By Carolin PettersonPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

If you’re lucky enough to be tech-savvy, there’s a world of opportunities out there just waiting for you. The IT sector is still expanding and the demand for skilled employees is following suit. An increasing number of businesses is investing into their IT workers to keep things running smoothly through maintenance and updates. This department of the IT sector is referred to as “infrastructure.” Here are some of the most demanded IT infrastructure skills in the modern business world.

Tech Support

Without a doubt, tech support is the most in-demand job position in regard to IT infrastructure and the reason for this is rather simple: as more and more progressive technologies are employed by business all around the world, the need for professional help-desk and tech support service is increasing dramatically.

The lack of experience in new technologies can easily lead to problems such as the monetary loss and the vast majority of everything that rolls off the production line requires training.

On the other hand, when something goes wrong, it’s the tech support professionals who are called in to help alleviate the problem. IT support might not be on the front lines of the IT skillset, but it’s absolutely irreplaceable.

Programming and App Development

It is amazing how resilient the programming profession is! It has been the most popular field in the past decade, and the programming skills are still vastly sought after.

App developers are closely knit to the programming profession, as the two are hugely dependent on each other. Programmers and developers are in high demand in the new areas owing to the fact that the mobile technology and the Internet of Things are yet to peak.

Big Data

Just like the streamlining of the internet managed to shake up the world, the big data is doing the same to the business world. Essentially, the entire point of big data is relatively non-complex — it entails using the power of the internet to harvest data for a wide variety of purposes from HR to market research. However, interpreting the data and visually bringing it to life (translating it for the management) are skills that aren’t very common. This is why big data professionals are very sought after all across the IT infrastructure field — the executive suite wants someone to interpret what the data is saying!


Freelancers are an integral part of the IT infrastructure crowd, simply because outsourcing has become a vital aspect of the vast majority of businesses, big and small. A good entrepreneur knows that they don’t have to hire everyone permanently, as they won’t need every expert at all times, and freelancers are perfect temporary solutions.

As a freelancer, the wider your array of skills is, the better; taking up courses that will teach you a lot about a multitude of IT-related areas is definitely a smart choice. Some courses, such as those offered by TP3, can be adjusted to your own needs and preferences. It is courses like these that have made freelancing an extremely lucrative and profitable profession.


No matter how small, a business has no choice in terms of exercising security, if it is to get anywhere. Thinking that an entrepreneur won’t find themselves in hackers’ crosshairs means being misinformed. Sure, a startup might not be much of a catch during its early steps of doing business, but it is usually very much a gateway to its larger partner companies. This is a growing danger and most young entrepreneurs are well-aware of it, which is why they’re rarely trying to save up on their security crew, making this part of IT infrastructure a valuable skill to have.

IT infrastructure is a field of work that isn’t really a field of work in itself. You can say that you are working in IT infrastructure, but you could never truly become an IT infrastructure expert. Why? Well, the potential skillset is so broad that IT infrastructure can be treated as a set of separate professions, which it essentially is. However, the mentioned skills are well-worth knowing, as the more familiar you are with the IT profession in all of its vastness, the better you will be at performing your job. Tech support, programming, app development, big data, freelancing, and security are the pillars of the IT infrastructure sector and excellent stepping stones towards IT expertise.


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