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Is Cashapp Worth It

Cashapp Does Not Protect Its Users

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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A Summary Upfront

Of course, you should read this whole post, but I will give you the summary right up front. Cashapp is good for receiving money, but you should avoid ever sending money using this app. Why? Because Cashapp does not protect its users from fraud, scams, or the like. This company does not care about you. They do not care about your money. They only care about getting their cut of the money. They take a little of each transaction, and that is their only focus. If you get scammed, and there are plenty of scammers on the app, they will allow you to report it… and ignore you and your report.

My Experience with a Scammer on Cashapp

I have had two instances of being scammed using Cashapp. Yes, I know that it is also my fault for allowing myself to get scammed in the first place, but such is life. The relevant part comes from the total lack of help from the app afterward, and the lack of communication.

The most recent instance was when I paid $150 for a consultation meeting in Albany, GA with a woman. I paid via Cashapp, and long story short, the person took the money and literally ran out of the room and into a getaway car. Yes, it was all very dramatic. Honestly, it might have even been a bit comical if they had not just committed a crime and stolen money from me. Now, I could have chased her down and all that, but it just wasn’t worth it at the time. Not to mention, even after being stolen from, I refuse to hit a woman. She deserved it, but I simply won’t do that.

Anyway, afterward I looked on the app and noticed that you can report a scam and it claims you can get your money returned to you. So, I did that. It all makes sense so far, right? Well, I know these things can take time to investigate and to work out, so I left it alone after that. In fact, I left it alone for just over a week. After a week had gone by, I still hadn’t heard anything. No notifications, no emails, nothing. So, I did what anyone would do, and I got back on the app and after a while, I managed to get a chat with support. I explained why I’m contacting them and all the information.

A bit of time goes by… as in ten minutes or so… and finally I get a reply on the messenger within the app. The message simply said, we can’t do anything. I explained the situation again and what had happened and pointed out that they are supporting a criminal over their customer. They just repeated that they can’t do anything. That is literally all they said. They can’t do anything and don’t send money to pay for things in advance. Granted, the second piece of advice makes sense, but at the same time, it is hard to avoid paying in advance in business. I even charge in advance for my freelance writing services.

My Experience Receiving Money on Cashapp

As I said, as far as I can tell, it is okay and safe to receive money on Cashapp. I, so far, haven’t had an experience where I have been scammed when someone pays me using the app. Of course, generally, I use it more for selling on Facebook Marketplace and things like that, so that could be why. Not to mention, it makes a bit of sense that nobody can really scam you when sending money… especially since obviously, Cashapp will never help them get their money back or even really investigate it. By then, Cashapp has their money and that’s all they care about.

Final Thoughts Summary

So, in short… as I said in the beginning of this post, using Cashapp for receiving money is okay and safe enough. However, it is very risky and should be avoided when considering paying for anything via Cashapp. They don’t care about their users. They don’t protect their users. They are no help whatsoever when there is a problem. Personally, for the foreseeable future, I will never pay for anything using the app ever again. I may still use it to take payments for items I sell on Facebook Marketplace now and again, but honestly, that’s the only thing that is stopping me from deleting the app altogether. So, be careful if you have this app.

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  • Carol Townend3 months ago

    I can understand that it was an awful experience. However, the main fault lies with the scammer, who shouldn't have done that in the first place. Too many scammers get away with it because, in many cases, it can't be 100% proven on some apps. I think that there should be a way through a small court where you can have your case investigated further though.

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