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I Will Never Use AI to Write My Articles

Here is Why

By Casimiro Filipe Published 3 months ago 3 min read
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Artificial Intelligence may be changing the lives of many Generation Z people who don’t have the skills to write their articles or record a video, but have always had the desire to be web creators, or worse, have been taken in by the trend that the AI wave has created in the last year. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s influencing a millennial community like me or anyone else in the corner of the planet who loves to create content with their own hands and make a living from it.

Quality is an incredible perspective when it comes to creating content with your fist, because it’s that kind of content where you feel the sentiment expressed directly from the heart, you feel the deep expression of the author, the nuances that come directly from the core, and not through an article generated through an intelligence engine that had the basis of that article in searches for an amalgamation of stories already created by humans for a while before her. I’m saying that we’re trying to replace the precious with the depreciated, the natural with the artificial.

An article created by a human based on research expresses a different way of distributing the expression of the article, compared to the way artificial intelligence filters its research to formulate articles to be completely consumed. There isn’t that thrill of feeling that the research has been done with soul and demonstration of aptitude, because it’s the deep feeling expressed in an article that engages the reader, creating that interest in getting more and more involved within themselves and creating that motivation to advance even further in their perspectives.

Artificial intelligence still needs to be trained well, to learn how to filter articles intelligently and make them seem like standalone articles rather than allies. I recently had a problem with my article because of this. I posted an article on Medium and three days later I went to post the same article on Vocal, and the article was rejected because I had generated it using artificial intelligence. Look at the seriousness of it, I was being rejected because of an article of my own, and why was this happening knowing that the article was written by myself?

“Well, a few days later I went to research to find out what was going on, because until then I’d never had a problem publishing my Medium articles elsewhere, so why was this latest one being classified as an AI-generated article?”

it turns out that Artificial Intelligence has not yet been trained enough to be able to circumvent copyright within original articles, meaning that when they filter their research, they don’t create ideas on top of the articles, they copy and paste bits of articles written by humans and compose an article properly as if it were written by humans, except that these expressions are duplicated and what prevails is the original, and some platforms are using artificial intelligence to monitor copyright violations found in AI-generated articles once written by humans. This is the main reason why I will never use AI to write my articles because copyright is not being recognized, it’s like being a plagiarist or an article pirate.

Anyone who supports the fight against piracy knows that AI is not yet ready to generate articles written originally, which means that the articles generated there are not original, in which case they lose the quality needed for something that comes from the heart of a human author. Another thing is that the companies that own these technologies should reward the owners of the articles on which their intelligences base their research to deliver the results to users.

I think it’s fair that we should be rewarded every time Artificial Intelligence filters an article of ours to deliver results to its users, not least because the companies that own these technologies are paid to use their services. If they get paid to use their services that take our articles as the basis of their research to provide answers, why should we not?

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  • Test3 months ago

    You are doing well to write article itself. AI is also profitable for those who can't write ✍️ itself.

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