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Does a Smartphone from Tesla Make Sense?

Tesla Model Pi

By Casimiro Filipe Published 2 years ago 7 min read

Throughout 2021 Tesla grew by more than 157%, and this rapid growth has brought more and more prominent projects from Elon Musk. Highlights such as Space X with its rockets, Tesla with its ultra-modern electric cars, in solar power generation, and even with OpenAI, his parallel artificial intelligence company.

Elon Musk the CEO of all the companies mentioned above, in a recent presentation of the Tesla Robot, another product that promises to change everything, exposed that the creation of the robot, in part is to implement all the technology already available in his companies, and a top robot on the market. All this shows that future projects and products from Musk's companies will come with the strategy of having high technology already tested and approved; making the product come out with high quality and a better experience for the consumer. And the proof of all this is in his new product, "the PI model Tesla Smartphone."

"The Tesla Smartphone is expected to revolutionize the electronic device industry and change everything. And it could make brands like Apple and Samsung eat dust. "

Could the Tesla Smartphone Revolutionize the World?

1. Development

The development of the smartphone has the help of Antonio de Rosa. He is a designer who has created some of Apple's most impressive concepts, including some of the iPhones, Mac's and other amazing devices. Now he is back with participation in the development of the Tesla cell phone.

"Besides its futuristic design and solar charging panel, the Pi model promises to be the perfect device optimizing the tech side of life. "

Since the Smartphone is a Tesla product, we can expect sustainability to be one of the main features of its production. According to the concept video of the Tesla PI model, the back of the phone has a solar plate, which allows the phone to stay in the sun and partially be charged. Therefore, this Tesla phone also has an integrated solar charging feature.

1.0 - Cameras

The Pi Model will bring 4 cameras lined up in a square pattern similar to Apple's iPhone 12. But there is no information yet about the quality of the cameras' pixels, what is known only is that "The Tesla Phone Model Pi features four rear cameras that use artificial intelligence to light up a completely dark environment. You will be able to capture beautiful photos in low-light situations. Likewise, it has a high-quality front camera built under the screen. You can also record videos and take photos simultaneously. " the Tesla Model Pi is a showcase of technology.

2. Front Screen

The front screen is designed with an ultrasonic touch lock, to speed access to all the necessary apps and services at your fingertips.

The release date of the Tesla smartphone remains unknown, as do other features of the smartphone. However, there is some information about several other features on the TESLAPIPHONE.NET website. It is not known for sure the veracity of the information on the site, and also it seems that the site is not official, but it is believed that it may be from one of Tesla's employees or a freelancer who had information leaked.

The tesla cell phone will be one of the products more directly integrated with other products of the franchise, than any other tech network on the market. And naturally, we can expect to see the Pi model being used to manage the Tesla app, which can be used to control a range of Tesla products. This already surpasses many established devices on the market, but the first thing to mention that will leave the Tesla phone way out in front of its competitors is the battery.

2.0 The Battery

Although the leading smartphone companies in the world today are Apple and Samsung, and they have all made improvements to the batteries with the new versions, they still have a life that runs out in about a day, and the charging speed is not very fast. Tesla's smartphone on the other hand will be able to use the most advanced battery technology in the world today; because Tesla focuses on producing batteries for their electric vehicles, thus making Tesla smartphone batteries last about 5x or even longer than competing companies' smartphones.

"One of the big reasons why the Tesla Pi model could be a major revolution in the industrial senary, and which companies will lose in the technology race is that Tesla can be autonomous in connecting to the internet, without having to go through the mobile network. "

According to Tesla, the phone will support an internet with Download and Upload speeds of 210Mbps per second via Starlink satellite, which is an incredible speed for a smartphone.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is an ongoing satellite constellation development project by Elon Musk's American company SpaceX; which is developing a low-cost, high-performance satellite platform to implement a new internet-based communication system. And how about this, smartphones like iPhone and Android still depend on network operators to provide the internet to their customers. These networks often cause inconvenience for users, because sometimes they go to remote areas or even the package reaches the limit, bringing limitations to the use of the internet. This certainly causes problems in the day-to-day life of a person in the 21st century. However, the Tesla Pi model will correct this.

The cell phone will be connected to the Internet via Starlink satellites, which puts Tesla's smartphone 10x ahead of the established companies.

The Future of the Tesla Pi Smartphone

In the future, the Tesla Pi model cell phone will be an effective support tool for people with paralysis, because it will be integrated with Neuralink technology.

What is Neuralink?

Neuralink is a project that involves the development of a chip, which is implanted in the human brain for the purpose of helping people with neurological problems to better interact with their brain; it can even serve as a cure for certain problems. This means that with the smartphone, users will be able to monitor their own brain activity and neurological health with their device. Virtually putting the key to your mind at your fingertips!

The next reason why the forehead smartphone makes sense is that the smartphone will be able to synchronize with and control electric vehicles. This may be a unique feature that Elon Musk has calculated to attach to Tesla's models, which will make a perfect duo that the user will only need on the phone, and control the vehicles completely. In addition, users will also be able to monitor the usage status of the vehicle, and the car's parameters through this cell phone.

It can be expected that the Tesla smartphone will be set to function as a kind of digital wallet for its owners. As Elon Musk is in favor of digital finance, being one of the minds behind digital transfers, users of such technologies can be sure that the services will be well integrated into their smartphones.

Smartphone Able to Mine Cryptocurrencies

In addition to storing traditional currencies and acting as a platform for online banking, Tesla's Pi model will also have one of the biggest features, which is the ability to mine cryptocurrencies. The smartphone will allow users to get involved in the cryptocurrency market more fluidly.

In the past two years, we have seen Elon Musk alone, having a gigantic influence on the cryptocurrency market, where Tesla helped promote and popularize the use of Bitcoin. Allowing his customers to purchase their electric vehicles through cryptocurrencies. And since one of Elon Musk's top priorities is to colonize Mars, believing that the Smartphone could be used to mine Martian digital currencies is not a far-off thing, since such a colony will have to have a capitalist system behind it. This essentially means that Tesla Pi model users will be able to make money simply by using their smartphones to explore the red planet.

It is also anticipated that in the future, the Tesla Pi smartphone, will be used in more space missions and subsequent SpaceX projects. Although SpaceX space astronauts currently use Apple devices including iPad, iPhone's, and Apple Watch to collect data from space, once Tesla's Pi model is officially launched, the entire SpaceX crew would only need to use this smartphone to record sweat information for the astronauts. They will be able to track blood oxygen levels, heart rate, pace movement, and sleep without having to rely on other devices.

In short, tesla's smartphone will be more than just a competitor to Apple or Samsung, it is coming to change things. What is not shut up now is, what features would you like to see implemented in this phone or what will the price of the telephone be if it is released.

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