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iOS 18 Review

Enhances Personalization, Functionality, and Intelligence on iPhone

By Local ManPublished about a month ago 4 min read

### A Comprehensive Look at iOS 18's Exciting New Features

Apple's iOS 18 release brings an extensive array of new customization options, a major redesign of the Photos app, advanced communication updates, and the innovative Apple Intelligence system.

#### Unprecedented Customization and Capability Enhancements

With iOS 18, users can now freely arrange apps and widgets on their Home Screen, allowing for a more personalized experience. Dark or tinted effects, adjustable icon sizes, and customizable Lock Screen buttons offer greater control over the device's appearance and functionality. The redesigned Control Center provides quicker access to frequently used controls, and users can now integrate third-party app controls for added convenience.

#### Major Redesign of the Photos App

The Photos app has undergone a significant overhaul, featuring a simplified interface with new collections organized by themes. A carousel view showcases daily favorites, and autoplaying content brings your photo library to life. Users can pin collections and customize the app to highlight important memories, making it easier to relive special moments.

#### Enhanced Messaging Features

iMessage gets a substantial upgrade with new text effects, advanced formatting options, expanded Tapbacks, and message scheduling capabilities. The inclusion of RCS support enhances media sharing and group messaging with non-Apple devices. Satellite messaging enables users to send texts and emojis even without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring privacy with end-to-end encryption.

#### Improved Mail and Safari

The Mail app now offers advanced inbox management, categorizing emails into Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions. Safari introduces Highlights and a redesigned Reader mode, providing key information and distraction-free article summaries for a better browsing experience.

#### Introducing the New Passwords App

The new Passwords app consolidates passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi credentials, and verification codes into one place, with alerts for weak or compromised passwords. This ensures users can manage their digital security more efficiently.

#### Enhanced Privacy and Intelligence

iOS 18 boosts privacy with features like locked and hidden apps, selective contact sharing, and secure third-party accessory connections. Apple Intelligence introduces advanced writing tools, image creation features, and personalized photo stories. Siri becomes more natural and context-aware, and Private Cloud Compute ensures that all personal data remains secure.

### Additional Features in iOS 18

iOS 18 also brings a variety of enhancements across multiple apps and functionalities:

**Apple Maps** now offers thousands of hiking trails in U.S. national parks and custom walking routes that can be accessed offline. The new Places Library allows users to save and annotate favorite hikes and locations, making outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

**Game Mode** delivers more consistent frame rates for smoother gameplay, especially during extended sessions, and improves the responsiveness of wireless accessories like AirPods and game controllers.

**Apple Pay** introduces features such as redeeming rewards, accessing installment options, and the new Tap to Cash feature, allowing users to send and receive Apple Cash by simply holding two iPhones together, making transactions seamless and effortless.

**SharePlay with Apple Music** now lets multiple users control music playback from various devices like HomePod, Apple TV, or Bluetooth-enabled speakers, enhancing the shared listening experience.

**AirPods** get new functionalities like Siri Interactions, enabling AirPods Pro (2nd generation) users to respond to Siri announcements with head gestures. Voice Isolation improves call quality in noisy environments, and Personalized Spatial Audio offers an immersive gaming experience.

**Notes** users can now solve formulas and equations instantly with Math Notes. New collapsible sections and highlighting features help emphasize important information, boosting productivity and organization.

**Journal** introduces an all-new insights view to help users track journaling goals, with easy options to search and sort entries. Time spent journaling can be logged as mindful minutes in the Health app, and users can record their state of mind directly in the Journal. Additionally, a Journal widget on the Home Screen or Lock Screen allows for quick entry creation, with automatic transcription of audio recordings.

**Calendar** integrates both events and tasks from Reminders, allowing users to create, edit, and complete reminders directly within the app. The updated month view provides a comprehensive overview of events and tasks.

**Health** features a redesigned Medical ID for easier access by first responders in emergencies, along with tailored adjustments and recommendations based on changes in users' physical and mental health during pregnancy.

**Emergency SOS Live Video** enables users to share live video or recorded media during emergency calls, helping dispatchers better understand the situation and provide faster assistance.

**Home** now supports guest access, allowing users to grant temporary control of smart home accessories. Hands-free unlock with home keys using Ultra Wideband technology makes entry seamless. The Energy category helps monitor and manage home electricity usage more effectively.

**Accessibility** updates include Eye Tracking for navigating the iPhone using eye movements, Music Haptics for experiencing music through vibrations, and Vocal Shortcuts for performing tasks with custom sounds.

Overall, iOS 18 represents a significant leap forward, making the iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent, while offering users an enriched and highly customizable experience.

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