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I Got an EcoVacs WINBOT and I'll Never Clean My Windows Myself Again

by Brayden Simmons 2 years ago in product review

I'm a short person who is also short on time, and having a window cleaning robot is amazing.

I'm 4'11" and it is not fun. Being short is hard—I wore heels on the day I got my driver's license so I could say I was 5'0" on record. It wasn't my finest moment, but I'm still that short, so I don't regret it.

Let's start with listing some things short people simply cannot do.

  • Reach the top shelf at a grocery store.
  • Be at eye-level with their coworkers when having important conversations.
  • Use the top shelves of their kitchen cabinets at home.
  • Find pants that are the right length.
  • Actually see the stage at a standing concert.
  • Feel the ground beneath your feet when you sit.
  • Kill bugs creeping around up on the ceiling.
  • Reach the top of your windows.

These are some pretty frustrating trials. In the chronicles of my shortness, the latest ironic tale happened over the holidays. My partner put my present—completely unwrapped and not hidden behind anything—in the little kitchen cabinet above the stove. It's far out of my reach and I have to stretch up on my tiptoes while on the kitchen stool to reach that cabinet, which just seems to be there to mock me.

It was in there for over a month, and since I'm short, I never got that delicious gift spoiler (or even had the slightest hunch it was there). After all, it's way above my head. I told my coworkers—several of whom are blessed with reasonable heights—and they got a good laugh out of it. Too good of a laugh, perhaps.

Cleaning isn't easy either.

Trying to kill bugs and spiders lurking on my ceiling, sitting around there like they pay rent, is not easy. I can sit and wait for them to come down to somewhere I can reach, even though it takes a while.

Unfortunately, cleaning also isn't easy when you're short. Sadly, all the things that get messy in my apartment won't change if I just sit and wait for them to come down to somewhere I can reach.

There are certain things that are just extra hard to clean, like the tops of the cabinets, the top of the fridge, and the windows. Making time to clean is a trial on its own. Making time to clean and then needing to balance on the step ladder I borrowed from my mother-in-law who lives an hour away so that I can reach the top of the windows is even harder. And before you suggest I buy my own step ladder, my apartment is barely bigger than a studio—I genuinely don't have the space.

Now try saying that five times fast.

My partner bought me a WINBOT for my birthday and I legitimately thought he was joking with me when he said, "I got you a window cleaning robot."

I'd never heard of such a thing and honestly expected something vaguely humanoid that could hold a rag and a bottle of Windex. I wasn't thinking very creatively.

I was thoroughly intrigued when I unwrapped the EcoVas WINBOT. We set it right to work on our large windows that stretched up nearly as high as the ceiling in our apartment. Dust that sat there for months was suddenly gone, and I barely lifted a finger to make it happen.

In a perfect world, I'd be recommending this great little robot to you and it'd have more stars to warrant its worth. I've been using my WINBOT for several months and haven't experienced any noteworthy problems. If you're worried about the reviews, there is one thing I noticed—you may need to try a few different brands of window cleaner to ensure you don't get streaks.

A few people in the reviews have complained about ending up with streaky windows and I admittedly did have that happen once when I used cheap, dollar store window cleaner. I think it also varies a little bit depending on what kind of windows you have; but once I started using window cleaner from a proper department store, I didn't have any further issues.

If you see someone climbing up the shelves at the grocery store like a jungle gym, it's probably me.

My inability to reach things is particularly difficult when I'm moving out of an apartment and need to get it back up to the move-in level of cleanliness. In my very first apartment building, I cleaned it as well as I could and got as much as I could reach, but I still got charged for a professional cleaning because I supposedly didn't get all of the dust and other mysterious imperfections out of the apartment.

It sure would have been nice not to pay over $150 for a supposed "professional cleaning." It may not seem like a terrible ordeal to have to clean your apartment before moving out, but my life has been a series of short-term leases and changing life circumstances, so I'm on my fourth apartment in two years. I've had a lot of unpleasant move out procedures.

In the latest one, my partner and I were absurdly diligent in how well we cleaned the place. We set the WINBOT to the windows, bustled around to make everything else spotless, and left hoping it'd be enough. For once, we didn't get charged with anything. I probably can't thank the WINBOT exclusively for that, but it absolutely helped.

Even if you are tall, it's still really nice not to have to clean your own windows.

Automation isn't the enemy. Having a little robot that cleans the windows automatically without needing to be repositioned or moved around is pretty fantastic. It's extra nice for me since I'm short, but making life a little bit easier is great for everyone.

We're all busy. We have work, family, and our struggling social lives. If getting a new window cleaning robot can simplify life a little bit, then that's an investment worth making. There isn't enough time in the day to clean your windows by hand, even if you are tall enough to reach them.

The WINBOT is essentially like a Roomba but for your windows. You just let it go and things are magically clean. EcoVacs had an amazing idea to build this handy little bot, and I will never clean my own windows again because of it.

product review
Brayden Simmons
Brayden Simmons
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