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Control Your Door with Your Phone and Watch It Automatically Open for You with the Danalock Smart Lock

by Brayden Simmons 2 years ago in product review

Locks may be simple devices, but there are some pretty cool perks that come with a smart lock.

Is it starting to feel like there's a smart version of every device out there? It might make the perceived value of each individual smart device seem a little less impressive, but smart locks are something I'd argue for. They're incredibly helpful and make day-to-day life a little bit easier.

When I was growing up, I remember driving places with my mother, who always had one paralyzing fear whenever we arrived at a destination. That fear was locking her keys in the car. This event was always proceeded by a similar plight when we left the house; making sure she had her keys in her purse.

When I was a child, I didn't really have anything to carry other than perhaps a plushie or a few quarters I'd fished out of the sofa or found on the sidewalk, and I thought that purses were the most asinine accessories ever. No one could ever find anything in them. It wasn't just a problem my mother suffered from, it seemed like every adult woman who carried a purse would inevitably end up fumbling with it for extended periods of time, sometimes needing to turn it on end to find their missing things.

Of course, as an adult, I've fallen into the exact same pitfall. Luckily, my car is smart enough that as long as the battery in my key FOB is alive, I can't lock my keys in the car. Of course, my home isn't that smart, and I constantly misplace my keys to the dark depths of my purse where cough drops and mints go to die.

I got spoiled and really enjoyed leaving my keys in my purse, watching my car automatically unlock just because I was nearby. Thus, I stopped wanting to take my keys out to get inside my home too.

With that lazy but true motivation, I bought a Danalock. Lo and behold, I can leave my home, get in my car, and get back into my home at the end of the day without ever taking my keys out. Ah, it's good to live in the era of smart devices.

The Danalock has handy Bluetooth technology that's easy to connect to with your phone. The Danalock knows when I'm close by and magically unlocks for me. It does feel a bit like being a princess and having the red carpet rolled out for me.

I was a little intimidated by the installation of the Danalock, but frankly, I was intimidated by the prospect of any lock, even a dumb lock. I have a few screwdrivers in my kitchen junk drawer, but I don't have a proper toolbox or most of the things needed for home improvement projects.

Fortunately, a screwdriver is all I needed to get the Danalock installed. It was easy enough that someone very unhandy like myself could manage it. If you're the type who doesn't want to be bothered by any of that, you can ask for professional installation when you purchase it on Amazon, but it's really easy enough to do on your own.

It works a little differently from my car key, but the effect is still the same–I'll never lock my keys inside again. Even if you do leave your keys inside the house, you can just whip out your cell phone and either the Bluetooth connection will unlock and let you back in, or you can go into the app and choose the option to unlock your door from anywhere you might be.

Juggling All the Groceries

One of my best—although it's probably one of my worst—habits is to bring all the groceries up in one go, regardless of how many gallons of milk and juice I just bought, no matter how many heavy vegetables I have hanging off me. It's just too much effort to go all the way back to the car several times.

Though I usually tend to overload my little spaghetti arms and then struggle to navigate the lock on my door, with a smart lock, the lock realizes when my phone is nearby and automatically unlocks for me. It is fantastic.

Works in Any Door

The Danalock is the same size as your typical key and knob lock, so you can install it into your door without braving the power tools. If you live in an apartment complex with traditional locks, you can screw that little guy out and swap it out for a Danalock.

If you do this though, definitely check with your landlord first and make sure they're okay with it. They probably will be, as long as you give them access to be able to enter in case of an emergency. Like I said though, you can actually open up the app and unlock your door at any time, so if they do need to get in, they can just give you a ring and you can unlock the door with a few taps as if you some kind of tech wizard.

If you want even more options from your lock, you can also get the option keypad. Keypads are actually highly secure since even if you do share it with people, you can always change it afterward. It's actually a lot easier and safer than giving out copies of your key.

A traditional key can be copied easily and cheaply at any hardware store, whereas if you give out the PIN then change it, no one with old information is going to be able to get in. If you ever have temporary services in your home, like a petsitter while you're on vacation or an electrician coming in for a one-time installation, you can just give them the PIN to enter, then change it when they're done.

After a few months with the regular Danalock V3, I got the keypad as well. For the keypad, you are going to need some help installing this one if you don't have two holes in your door already. Regardless, I actually feel a lot safer with the smart lock rather than my old traditional lock. It's convenient and safer than being a clam at high tide.

product review
Brayden Simmons
Brayden Simmons
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