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How to make money receiving “test” messages on your phone

This will surprise you

By Paul EnitanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
How to make money receiving “test” messages on your phone
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Text messages can’t be found lacking in our mobile phones from time to time, we often time receive texts from our families, friends, mobile network operators, banks, and other mobile apps installed on our phones.

What if I tell you that you can actually get paid for receiving similar text messages on your phone without having to pay a registration fee or doing any extra thing(s). Yeah, you heard it right; you can make money for receiving text messages on your phone.

How is this possible? You may ask. The answer to this is that there are companies in charge of monitoring the quality deliverability of SMS and they are willing to pay you to join their network to help them have better quality in delivering SMS. Here is the catch, companies such as Google, Facebook, Banks, and others send you OTPs and relevant messages on different occasions, to be sure these messages are received by you, SMS quality deliverability checking companies require a network of mobile phones globally to receive sample messages to be sure that the messages get to end-users.

These companies, therefore, compensate for your good act by rewarding you with a few bucks. To start receiving and earning from these “test” messages, there are mobile apps created by these companies that you would have to first download, register on, have your phone number(s) connected with it, and have your mobile internet connection turned on to receive the messages.

An exciting thing about this is that you won’t have to do any extra task/work to commence getting these messages sent to your phone. Once you have your SIM(s)/phone number(s) connected alongside having an active internet connection on your phone, you’ll just let the app run in the background and start seeing money coming into your phone as text messages. It’s also worth mentioning that there are no infringements on your privacy for using these apps.

Let’s get to see these apps that pay you for receiving “test” messages.

1. SMS Profit: All that is required here is just downloading the app, registering with an email, verifying/connecting your phone number(s) to the app, having an active internet connection on your phone, keeping the app running to receive test SMS from their system and getting paid via PayPal/Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is $2. I have earned a bit over $8 since I started using this app in late 2020. You can find the proof below.

For Bitcoin withdrawal, you need to have a minimum balance of $10. As a new user, you’ll get a $0.50 bonus on signing up. It should be noted that each received SMS worth $0.02 and the SMS are not received on daily basis, sometimes a few days of the week or once a week. The important thing is having a regular internet connection and running the app in the background regularly.

You can download the app by clicking here.

2. Mc Money: This works in a similar way as SMS profit and similar steps are required to be taken to start receiving SMS and making money on the app. The app is only available for Android devices and the minimum withdrawal to PayPal is $1. Also, you can decide to donate your earnings on the app to Unicef for charity causes.

You can download the app via this link and also ensure to input the referral code “ZY84519M” to get a $0.13 welcome bonus on receiving your first 5 text messages.

3. MoneySMS: This also works like the highlighted apps above. You get to earn €0.02 per SMS and the minimum withdrawal is €2 (2 Euros) and can be withdrawn via PayPal, Bitcoin, and Webmoney.

You can have the app downloaded to your phone here.

Note: This is just an extra way to earn a few bucks online without investment and can’t make you rich. For more earning potential via this method, you can have the three highlighted apps installed on your phone.


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