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How to Extract Grocery Delivery Data from Online Grocery Platforms?

by Actowiz Solutions 2 months ago in apps
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Extract Grocery Delivery Data

Today, all the available grocery delivery apps online are offering easy access and suitability offered to the people and that’s why people are avoiding to visit the nearest grocery store and buying groceries online. This industry’s revenue is anticipated to yearly increase by 20% by 2021-2031. Apps like Amazon Fresh, DoorDash, InstaCart, etc. have shown a huge number of orders.

Because of advancements in different technologies, logistics, as well as busiest personal and professional schedules, online grocery apps are becoming popular. If you try and improve your groceries delivery services, web scraping is the solution, which can assist you in getting closer to all your business goals.

Why Extract Grocery Delivery Data?

The aims of all grocery delivery businesses using data extraction services could be different. You may target accessible data fields, or concentrate on some that are important for fulfilling particular business objectives. Let’s discuss some of them:

Buying Trends by Consumers

Different food delivery platforms have become a go-to solution for clients who need to order food online. Although, because of COVID-19 limitations, at-home dining has got importance. The trend would continue very well in the future as people don’t want to risk spreading this virus even while the restaurants would be permitted to provide dine-in services.

Superior Pricing Strategy

In case, your brand is registered on any grocery delivery platforms, a competitive price strategy should be your primary aim. Correspondingly, if you have a grocery delivery app, the offers and discounts given by different platforms can assist you in improving your marketing strategies.

What to Extract from Different Online Grocery Platforms?

What to Extract from Different Online Grocery Platforms?

Different fields could be extracted from various online grocery platforms. Let’s go through some common data fields:

Store or Grocer’s Name



Available Services

Best Offers

Customer Ratings or Reviews

Discounted Prices

Product’s Category

Product’s Description

Product’s Image

Product’s Name

Product’s Price

Product’s SKU

Product’s Specifications

Once the necessary data is gathered, it is cleaned, and different quality checks are done before delivering the data. All the data is offered in a well-structured format to provide important insights to associated businesses.

What to Do with Extracted Grocery Delivery Data?

Web extraction services could be helpful to any business associated to grocery delivery and selling. As this industry is booming, it could be a great opportunity for businesses to take benefits from dependable web scraping services to get a competitive benefit.

Let’s take a quick look at how extracted grocery data could be used for various businesses.

Grocery Retailers

In case, you already have an offline grocery business, it’s time to upgrade operations and offer customers having online convenience. Before you get listed on any well-known grocery delivery platform, it could be helpful to analyze different offerings of the local grocers within your zone.

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer products across various categories, so you may also think about adding grocers for taking advantage of the booming segment. As groceries are important, it could be a great opportunity to boost sales as well as get more revenue. Moreover, well-known grocers having higher brand value might attract additional customers that can also assist in improving sales of different products on offer.

Wholesale Grocery Dealers

A dealer that deals in wholesale grocery products to retailers, insights in products popular amongst the end-users may help you advance the offerings. Different data from extracted reviews and ratings can offer detailed data about well-known product categories in all regions as well as localities, allowing you to get more retailers for the bulk products.

Competitors on Grocery Platforms

As new players are entering this industry constantly, web scraping can be a good solution for improving your business strategies. In case, you want to launch any online grocery platform or if you are having one already, it’s easy to understand how important the data extracted from competitors’ platforms might be. This can offer great insights in the general market, pricing, top sellers, etc. to assist you get competitive benefits.

Business Development

In case, you want to develop your grocery services to any new region or city, you might need a comprehensive overview about the current grocery delivery services as well as sellers within the area. Also, you may consider a custom web extraction service provider like Actowiz as well as utilize location data for helping you fulfil your expectations as well as requirements.

Customized Solutions to Collect Grocery Delivery Data

The industry of grocery delivery is progressively increasing because of convenience and easy usage. Grocery delivery data monitoring needs a web extraction service provider that can reliably collect data as per your schedules. Web scraping service provider like Actowiz can offer customized solutions to extract grocery data you want to assist you in starting. Actowiz could also create customized web scraping APIs for different websites, which do not get an API to assist you get this.

Actowiz can collect publically accessible data online as well as it is among the top data extraction service providers in the world. Their pre-built scrapers as well as easy-to-follow data scraping tutorials help students, small businesses, and analysts in collecting data from well-known websites in an easy and affordable manner.

Know more : https://www.actowiz.com/how-to-extract-grocery-delivery-data-from-online-grocery-platforms.php


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