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How to explain to a layman how complex a Windows system is?

Hacker technology

By Nell JonasPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Respondents: LEE LEE,The 1% that make changes happen.

@ Cocosoma

Windows XP is about 40000000 lines of code.

Windows Vista is about 50000000 lines of code.

Windows 7 is about 50000000 lines of code.

When Windows 7 was developed, there were 23 groups of about 40 people each, or nearly 1000 people.

This is only the number of people on the Windows team, and there are countless others who have contributed to it.

The 23 teams are:

Applets and Gadgets (Mini Program and Sidebar app)

Assistance and Support Technologies (Assistance and support Technology)

Core User Experience (Core user experience)

Customer Engineering and Telemetry (user Engineering and Telemetry)

Deployment and Component Platform? (deployment and component platform)

Desktop Graphics (desktop graphics)

Devices and Media (Devices and Media)

Devices and Storage (devices and storage)

Documents and Printing (documentation and printing)

Engineering System and Tools (Engineering Systems and tools)

File System (file system)

Find and Organize (find and organize)

Fundamentals (basic)

Internet Explorer (including IE8 down-level)

International (internationalization)

Kernel & VM (kernel and virtual machine)

Media Center (Media Center)

Networking-Core (Network-Core)

Networking-Enterprise (Network-Enterprise)

Networking-Wireless (Network-Wireless)

Security (Security)

User Interface Platform (user interface platform)

Windows App Platform (Windows application platform)

Navigate to the Windows folder, right-click, property.

Let him see that number all the way up, even a complete layman is already super shocking.

Service list

Registration form

I haven't unfolded it all yet, but look at that slider.

Question: Larry Sean, can only do simple questions / Wizard / happy smile is …

Ten years of development, XP installed a few gigabytes to do, now the amount of Win8 code has been hundreds of millions, architecture changes, performance improvement see the answer of the missionary @ Cocosoma.

However, after so many versions of the iteration, ten years ago the software does not change a byte, ten years later the system can run perfectly.

The painstaking efforts of developers, invisible complexity, I'm afraid I can't describe it in words.

This is the biggest shock to me by Windows.

Question: Cocosoma, please don't invite me to answer questions related to repairing the computer. Thank you.

The number of lines of Windows Vista code is about 50 million lines, and the revised code is estimated to be more than 100 million lines. There are more than a thousand internal versions. Every version has been tested. More than tens of thousands of formal contract workers and temporary workers have contributed to it. The approximate engineering quantity may be equivalent to that of Khufu Pyramid _ (: 3 ") _

= =

According to the Word standard A4 paper default print + Consolas font + default font size, each page of A4 paper can print 44 lines of code. Considering the problem of line breaks (assuming that 30% of the lines of code cannot be printed on A4 paper), 1.3*5000w=6500w lines of code. It takes about 1.48 million sheets of A4 paper to print. Each piece of A4 paper is 29.7 centimeters long, which is about 4440w centimeters, or 44w meters long. 440 km 2333333333333, not counting all kinds of modified code and subsequent patches

= =

This is the size of the Windows folder after Windows 8.1 Pro + VS on May 5, 2015:

Ah, how on earth did the 16G Win board run at this size?

Question: Belleve, alchemist

You can try to play LFS once, and then come with package management, graphics, various drivers, desktops, and common software.

And then you'll understand.

Problem: BigPa,less is less

It is so complicated that there is no fake version so far.

Question: Chi Gongxun, a non-senior video game commentator engaged in foreign trade.

I don't think it's necessary. It's shocking enough if you open the WIndows folder and registry file of disk C so that he can see it. By the way, there are services, group policies and so on.

Problem: Tim Chen

When I didn't build proxy, sdx sync... (synchronized all the code) ran for 3 days.

Problem: Vitamin, two hot kidneys, a hot heart.

It can be understood that the input text of txt documents has to be written as much as more than 20 GB. 100 words per minute, 6 letters per word, only 600, 120%, 800 English characters per minute, 800 characters to see how much space it takes.

Question: Fang Hung-chien, a nervous programmer

It's much harder than XXXX.

Problem: Wang Edi, http://ASP.NET programmer

I don't think the amount of code and space used to explain complexity is the best. We should talk about memory management, process management, how the operating system starts and so on, Windows Internals, just a startup process can make the layman dizzy. If a girl you don't like confesses her love to you, you can tell her EFI, she will never bother you again (don't ask me how I know)

Problem: auxten, payroll oriented programming


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