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How to choose the perfect race walking shoes

Choosing the right pair of shoes is essential for anyone entering the world of walking sports. The challenge lies in finding shoes designed specifically for walkers.

By Nguyễn Bảo QuốcPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Take a look into an avid hiker's closet and you'll likely find a messy pile of shoes. Finding the perfect pair of walking shoes is a difficult task for walkers. It sounds simple, but in reality, finding the right pair of walking shoes is much more difficult.

Most walkers look for running shoes, typically flat-soled shoes designed for long-distance races, that have the following features:

1. Low heel shoes:

The sole of walking shoes should be soft and low

Walkers experience significantly less impact than runners, so require less cushioning than most traditional running shoes. However, caution should be exercised when choosing shoes with low heels. But conversely, if the heel is cushioned too much, it can compress when it hits the ground.

softness and flexibility of walking shoes

2. The sole is flexible enough:

The sole of the shoe should flex moderately but not excessively. Flexibility under the arch allows for stronger propulsion from the back of the body. Insufficient stiffness under the arch can cause the shoe to collapse over the midfoot, leading to overstretched tendons and possible injury.

Reduce heel injuries

3. Wide toe box:

The toe box should have enough space for the foot to spread out comfortably. This reduces the risk of injuries such as black toenails or bruises and increases propulsion in the feet.

4. Sufficient heel cushion:

A sturdy heel cushion or heel cup is certainly an important consideration, although it may be the hardest feature to find in walking shoes. With more support in the heel, walking shoes tend to be softer than racing shoes and even softer than running shoes.

Shoe sole type with groove in the back


When the foot hits the ground while walking, it usually hits the ground at the outer edge of the heel. When taking a long stride, the foot rolls toward the big toe. The degree to which the foot rolls inwards indicates the degree of pronation in the walker's gait.

Walkers who tend to roll too much inwards need shoes with straight soles, while those who tend to roll slightly or neutrally will benefit from slightly curved soles.

However, choosing a pair of shoes with the right sole sometimes requires both time and money. This means you will need to test them out to find the most suitable product based on our recommendations.

Furthermore, the back of the shoe must provide ample space for your Achilles heel, hence the need for a groove in the back as shown.

Shoe survey results:

As expected, no brand or model of shoe stands out in terms of quality. All popular walking shoe brands are commendable. The challenge lies in finding the product that really suits you, and we recommend four top brands.

Field survey on walking shoes

Reshod led the survey with 16% of respondents, closely followed by Asciis, Saucony and New Feel, with 15%, 13% and 11% respectively.

Other brands include Adidas, New Balance, Brooks and Altra.

Mizuno, once the favorite, is now just behind with 6%.

Survey respondents were divided into four categories based on their self-described level of walking experience. Beginners make up the smallest group at 11%, intermediate walkers are 32%, advanced walkers competing at the national level are 40% and the remaining 18% classify themselves as experienced international experts. experience. experience. experience. experience. experience.

Survey a group of 4 subjects

It's worth noting that while Reshods is popular with the first three types of hikers, they're the brand I personally recommend for beginners.

So which walking shoes should you buy?

Worth asking: which shoes are best for walking? While you can make general recommendations for everyone, the best place to start is with walking shoes designed by Trainer Carmen Jackinsky. These are Reshod walking shoes. Not only can you get a great pair of shoes, but you can also get helpful tips. We've heard countless foot racers rave about ordering shoes from Reshod and how great they feel wearing them. You can order Reshod shoes here.

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