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How do I add extra baggage to my Rex

Get details about baggage policy of Regional Express

By Aliza WilliamPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Can I add extra baggage to my Rex

You will need to check with Rex airline directly or visit their website to find out their specific policies regarding additional baggage. It's important to note that some airlines may have weight and size restrictions for checked and carry-on baggage, and fees can vary based on the destination, travel class, and the number of bags.

How do I add extra baggage to my Rex?

Rex Airlines is an airline from Australia. It operates around the continents of Australia. The airline provides some of the best facilities, which makes it different from other airlines. You will get complimentary snacks, water, tea, and coffee. If you are flying anywhere in Australia, you can go to Rex. They provide high-class facilities to their passengers. If you have questions like How much is the extra baggage fee on REX, take help from this blog to inform yourself.

What is the baggage policy of Rex?

The policies of the Airlines are as follows:

  • Travelers can take some personal items with them while flying with Rex. The airline will not charge you any cost for items like laptops, purses, an overcoat, sticks, umbrellas, or a small camera.
  • If you have an infant with you and are carrying prams or strollers for the infant. It is considered a part of your free checked bags.
  • The airlines will charge you an amount if you cross the limit of the baggage in terms of weight or number.
  • Electric wheelchairs, crutches, and Manual wheelchairs, which are essential for the mobility of the passengers, will not be included in the checked baggage.
  • The passengers are advised to carry the baggage as per the Regional Express Baggage Policy to save themselves from any extra cost.

Does REX allow checked baggage?

Rex Airlines have described on its official page how many checked bags you can take for free. If you have queries regarding the bags. you can read the points below. You will be clarified in terms of how much luggage is allowed to you for free.

  • All Regional fares- Passengers are allowed to take 15 kg maximum checked bags, and for carry-on bags, it is 7 kg allowed.
  • Flex- You can carry up to 23 kg checked bags and 7 kg handbags with you on the airline.
  • Economy ( Promo & Saver)- 23 kg checked bags are allowed to passengers in this class, and up to 7 kg carry-on bags.
  • Economy (Flex)- Travelers can take a total of 23 kg of checked Luggage with themselves on the Airlines, and 10 kilograms of handbags are allowed.
  • Business Class (Biz saver)- You can take up to 32 kg of checked bags; the limit is 10 kg for carry-on baggage.
  • Business Class (Biz & Biz plus)- You cannot exceed the limit of 32 kg for the checked bags, and you are supposed to take 15 kg with you for the handbags.

What is the cost of access luggage on Rex Airlines?

Rex Airlines charges you a fee if you bring extra Luggage for the trip. You are supposed to as per the Rex additional baggage cost are provided below:

  • Domestic Flights- You will have to pay an extra $5.50 for every kg. If you cross the decided limit, you may have to spend $16.50 if your baggage travels the dimensions of 140 cm.
  • International Flights- You will levy $5.5 for every extra kg on your baggage; if baggage is more than 32 kg, it will be charged as per the air freight.

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