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Flutter for Cross-Platform Development

Explore the ultimate guide to Flutter for cross-platform development! Learn how to streamline app development process and reach a broader audience effortlessly.

By Christine KocharyanPublished about a month ago 4 min read

At relatively an early stage of its provision, Flutter, Google's free-to-use UI framework, has emerged to be the most preferred option for creating cross-platform applications. Noteworthy, this high-level framework lets the developers build a purely native startup for mobile, web, and desktop platforms using a common code base. The tutorial underneath will give you a complete understanding of Flutter’s capabilities, why it has advantages over cross-platform development, and how it affects the industry of app development.

Understanding Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development feature is easy to use for creating apps that have the same functionalities on iOS and Android as well as web execution. This technique takes as the base only a single code that in turn can be deployed in many different systems and, therefore, spares developers from taking longer because the job has already been done. Key benefits of cross-platform development include:

  • Code Reusability: Putting content on the same codebase and then using the appropriate version at deployment ensures elimination of redundancy, reduces development time and consumes less effort.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Highly-efficient development speeds up apps so that businesses can quickly take advantage of various market situations.
  • Cost Efficiency: The general code gains acceptance because it does away with the requirement of teams of developers working in disparate sets of platforms and thus lowers the overall development costs.
  • Consistent User Experience: A high level of UI components' pre-made (i.e. a shared design pattern across devices), leads to a cohesive user experience, maximizing brand connection.

The Main Characteristics and Benefits of Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit that Google first introduced into the market as an alternative to various cross-platform mobile frameworks. By leveraging Flutter, developers can build beautiful and engaging mobile applications using a single codebase for both iOS and Android, significantly streamlining the production process. Flutter stands out as a premier choice for cross-platform development due to its array of features and advantages:

  • Fast Development: A faster pace of development is enabled by the hot reload feature; seeing code changes as they happen means quicker iterations and less effort.
  • Expressive UI: Thanks to the flexibility of widget customization, the platform offers many ways to make the UIs look up-to-date and user-friendly.
  • Single Codebase: Developers will easily be able to write new code and deploy those codes on multiple platforms since they are using a single codebase which in turn make the development process easier.
  • High Performance: Flutter bypasses the traditional compilation process which rather compiles directly to the machine code. That causes preempting, thus, Flutter delivers high performance, fast renderings, and animations without hesitation.
  • Native-like Experience: By employing platform-specific widgets and design rules, Flutter apps are able to maintain the native and the non-native experience of each platform.

Flutter for Cross-Platform Development

Flutter simplifies cross-platform development through several innovative features:

  • Unified UI Framework: The unique single UI paradigm from Flutter encompasses a vast variety of customizable widgets and thus lets developers establish a stable yet flexible look and feel across platforms.
  • Hot Reload: This switch, therefore, immediately feedbacks the altered codes into the app, hence allowing the programmers to quickly improve and discard the bugs in the codes.
  • Native Performance: When producing a code you can put directly into the hardware, Flutter ensures a smooth and fast performance of the user interface. Therefore, the user might feel confident that the interface won't lag or delay which mostly occurs with most typical apps.

Advanced Topics in Flutter Development

As developers gain proficiency in Flutter, they can explore more advanced topics to enhance their apps:

  • State Management: Tools such as Provider Library, Bloc Pattern as well as and Go redux are used to make automatic updates to data and UI happen in a controlled manner.
  • Animations: The flutter tool is intuitive, allowing developers to create filling animations in different ways. The tool can also automatically interpolate values in implicit animation, and explicitly animation provides a level of control needs for professional animation, which are sometimes difficult to use.
  • Platform-Specific Integrations: Flutter assists bio-communication by means of platform chapters, plugins, and platform views.

Addevice's Expertise in Flutter App Development

Addevice is a Flutter app development company with a plethora of services (ranging from a simple audio player to sophisticated features such as geolocation tracking) developed to meet business specific needs.Their services include:

  • Custom Flutter App Development: Addevice is the company responsible behind apps that are highly specialized and based on the given business purpose and objectives, thus, ensuring techniques that bring out the best in each business.
  • Flutter UI/UX Design: This team creates a wonderful and smooth appearance as well as user-friendly layout for the app, hence the app fully enjoys the experience.
  • Flutter App Maintenance and Support: Among the main Addevice products, the one that keeps apps working properly by performing regular updates and doing platform-wide maintenance is considered the most important.
  • Integration of Third-Party APIs and Services: Through an indirect method of 3rd-party API, Addevice enables more rich and possibly varied functionalities in the Flutter-based apps.

Case Study: Turn seconds into moments of joy with TryLocall Guest Services

Addevice joint efforts with TryLocall, an industry-wide name in producing solutions for guest services got pooled to create a Flutter app that was set to transform the guest experience services as never before. One of the goals was to create an online service that would function as a one-stop shop delivering food, doing the entertainment, among others, to better serve guests' needs.

As Addevice's solution, guests received a unified experience among multiple devices with multilingual support and secure transactions. Our efforts were to help guests win lotteries giving them more of their favorite services and personalizing the guest experiences.


Using Flutter, developers can enjoy the features of cross-platform application development while creating top-notch applications in every new platform. Addevice, a leading Flutter app development company, brings services with which in chorus is possible to attain the finest Flutter applications custom made.

Are you thinking over using Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development than Adevice can act as a single platform to create complex and high quality apps which is beyond expectations. Tell us Addevice as you start your adventure to the establishment of the ideal Apps that work effectively in all the platforms.

You can also get more information by reading our blog Flutter For Cross-Platform Development on Addevice.


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