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Flutter Advantages

by NYL Technology 2 months ago in product review

Flutter is an open-source UI kit from Google that helps developers build mobile, desktop, and web applications with a single codebase. It is not an exaggeration to say Flutter came and Conquered.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI kit from Google that helps developers build mobile, desktop, and web applications with a single codebase. It is not an exaggeration to say Flutter came and Conquered. You would believe this if you know that there are more than 50,000 flutter apps in the Google store as of mid-2020. It is also evident in the Github and stack flow forums that developers are falling in love with the framework day in and day out, especially with its cross-platform app development space.

Flutter Advantages:

Single Code for any device:

Flutter is a single codebase framework, which means one code can be used in IOS, Android, or web apps as you need. This might sound like just another cross-platform framework, but just until you try the extremely easy process and beautiful results that flutter offers.

Make changes on the go:

With Flutter app development, developers have almost forgotten the pain of rebooting the entire system for making small changes. Flutter provides a hot load option that allows the developers to tweak the app as per their needs and see the changes take effect in real-time without having to reboot. This has made trying out new stuff easier and effective for developers plus saving hours of time and their sanity.

Quick Development:

In the competition that is going in the digital space, the quicker is the better. Choosing Flutter to build your apps can help you save hours more than any standard native application.

What makes flutter quicker is its single codebase feature. Having to write only one code for multiple platforms would definitely cut so much time plus is the hot reload feature that flutter offers. This is a magic feature that aids in releasing the app weeks earlier because the developer can make changes on the go and check which otherwise is an aching process.

Easy Maintenance with simultaneous Android and IOS updates:

The android and IOS app updates can be rolled out simultaneously as there is only one code for both in a flutter. This also makes it easy to maintain the app as there is no different set of developers working on the code.

Bug fixing and maintaining the apps is easier with flutter. You can even take it in-house without the help of the development team or just have one developer do the changes.

Leverage Device Hardware:

Mobile apps are popular for the immersive experience they offer by using the device features. However, Cross-platforms are not fully equipped to use the camera, GPS, and other hardware of the device like that of native apps. This can be overcome with flutter.

In flutter mobile app development, developers need to prepare code in swift or kotlin and send the data to Dart through specific channels called platform channels. Flutter has already created channels for most of the features of standard smartphones and has made it open for the developer community, so you don’t have to start from scratch.


It is visible that the pros of flutter outweigh their Cons. You can switch to flutter without any doubt and enjoy the benefits they offer in one breath. Flutter is undoubtedly the framework of future apps, Since it is backed by Google it cannot go wrong with mobile applications. Looking for a flutter app development company? Well, NYL technologies can do the work for you. We help you develop fast and future-ready apps with flutter.

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