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Exclusive Kotlin Libraries That Developers Can Use To Create App Quicker

by Shady Johnson 2 years ago in product review

An up-to-date list of some awesome Kotlin libraries that we are going to explore that helps developers to build smart web applications successfully.

The Android platform has grown exponentially, as we know each and every day we read about the new updates and new challenges when it comes to application and software development. Trends and tools are evolved at lightning speed.

Today, Kotlin has created a buzz in the world of software development. It is a new and second official programming language developed by Google in 2017. And the community is considerably rising.

At present, the majority of developers using Kotlin and Kotlin libraries are the new trends among the Android developer’s community. As they have to learn and explore more to develop better Android apps. Hence, Kotlin is going to dominate the future of Android app development, and it has replaced Java successfully.

In this post, we are going to discuss some major and important Kotlin libraries that will help programmers to make the right choice during the development process.


Anko is one of the popular and widely-used Android libraries, as it is written in Kotlin but managed by JetBrains. The purpose of this library is to speed up the app development process, which makes it popular over other libraries. The name Anko has derived from the first two letters of Android and Kotlin.

Anko has four modules, such as:

  1. Commons
  2. Layouts
  3. SQLite
  4. And Coroutines

These modules have a wide variety of different functions and features, which makes the development process speedy. Using the layout part of the library, you can easily create UI from Kotlin code, which is also known as Anko DSL.

Another module named SQLite makes database processes simpler, and developers don’t need to worry about the rough edges for Java.


Java has been one of the best and popular languages for developing android applications, but now developers are switching towards Kotlin. Name itself suggests, KBinding is the data binding library that allows you to bind the data of your models, and it is used with Anko to understand the syntax.

Data binding offers flexibility as well as wide compatibility with your code. It allows developers to bind the data directly to the XML view in an easy and flexible way.

Kbinding has mainly four different data binding modes such as:

  1. OneWay: Binding from model to view
  2. OneWayToSource: Binding from view to model
  3. OneTime: Binding from model to view, and automatic release after first emit
  4. TwoWay: Binding from model to view and conversely.


After RxJava and RxAndroid, Rxkotlin is another powerful and lightweight library that allows developers to add unlimited extension functions to Rxjava. However, developers mostly use Rxjava for their Kotlin projects, but this library offers one extra language feature for things such as extension functions to make the development process smooth.

Undoubtedly, RxKotlin gathers all these tricks together in a centralized library and standardizes the process using RxJava with Kotlin. Moreover, this library can be used in conjunction with various libraries without any dependency.


Valiktor is a safe yet powerful library that you can use in your program to validate the objects. For example, you are developing an instacart clone, writing an entire code from scratch may bore you, although you have an amazing library right here in Kotlin’s treasure to help you. Valiktor is powerful, and for each data type, it offers you plenty of extension functions and various validation constraints.

Moreover, this library helps you fix the nested objects and arrays, including their properties and elements.


Another wording combo of Kotlin and Android, KAndroid library, offers extensions that eliminate repetitive codes in Android SDK with the help of views, toast, intents, and system services. It improves the application’s efficiency and improves performance.

KAndroid offers many benefits, such as developers don’t need to write long codes for easy and common functions. Writing codes for common functions like searchView, SeekBar extension can be avoided with the usage of the KAndroid library.

Moreover, functions like Logging, threading, layout, loading animation from XML with URL validation, KAndroid is useful.


No doubt, Kotlin is a new programming language that offers beautiful syntax, and developers started using it for their projects. It would be advisable for you to focus on things that add value to the business rather than spending time on useless tasks.

Ktlint library contains both linter and formatted in a single library, in which it tries to capture the code from Kotlin Guide and Kotlinlang.org. Moreover, you can improve code clarity as the syntax is so easy to write, even a non-technical person understands the code on their own.

This is one of the best advantages, and it will make things easy for people who will read your codes; it saves time.


When you are developing a mobile application, the design of the app must get an optimized layout in one dimension. Flexboxlayout through, you can get the same capabilities in your android application.

Moreover, it has extended the ViewGroup, similar to the Android layout. You can also add multiple layouts to Flexbox, such as Wrap, justify-content, and align content.

With the help of this library or tool, you can arrange the items horizontally, and automatically you will be shifted to the next line. It will give you flexibility and helps to rearrange the views when the user scrolls the screen.

Ending Note

As we all know that Kotlin is a booming programming language, usage of it is growing, so it becomes imperative to gather knowledge about its various tools and techniques. Kotlin libraries are quite powerful and useful to the developers for building smart web applications.

Here we have picked the top seven Kotlin libraries that will ease your development process just like hot butter on bread. Because of these libraries, you are now able to build complex applications from scratch as it saves time, money, and other resources. So say goodbye to developing apps from zero as these libraries are ready to use and save your time.

No one can deny the fact that with its partnership with Google, the future of Kotlin is bright and trying to make it one of the strong and powerful programming languages and ready to surpass all its competitions soon.

product review

Shady Johnson

Smith is a content writer and Marketing consultant who covers business, technology, and entrepreneurship. Smith has been assisted with leading on-demand development company Elluminati Inc as marketing manager.

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