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Essential Phases Of Mobile App Development Lifecycle To Ensure App Success

Mobile App Development Lifecycle Steps

By Infoxen TechnologiesPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Mobile App Development Lifecycle

When it comes to driving customers, one thing comes in mind in today’s tech-savvy world where everyone talks about mobile applications. As we can see how people are getting incumbent on mobile apps worldwide to effectively outreach potential customers and drive them efficiently. But do you know what actual process goes behind the mobile app development and what sort of development phases it involves behind the curtain? So, this blog is all about phases of the mobile app development lifecycle.

When you are aware of the backend part of mobile app development, you may ensure a positive part for your app impacting your app success. You can even ask or suggest the best possible customization to the mobile app development company you outsource for your app development project. Through this, you can ensure sound success for your app.

According to Statista, 6.8 billion mobile users took place in the year 2019 and is being expected to reach 7.33 billion mobile users worldwide by the end of 2023 which is depicted in the below graph:

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If an app is not developed adequately followed by the right tactics and working methodologies, it can be abandoned after a single-use. Thereby, it is crucial to hire expert mobile app developers or cutting-edge mobile app development services providers to seamlessly work on your app development project. So, make sure that you are hiring industry experts with deep domain expertise along with personalization capabilities.

An experienced mobile app development enterprise makes use of effective practices, agile methodology, and end-to-end mobile app development phases to enable app success gradually. Hence, choosing one of the bonzer mobile app development firms matters a lot.

Now, let’s get vigilant about the actual phases of the mobile app development lifecycle:

Requirement Specification

Usually, every client comes up with a different sort of requirements for their mobile app development project. They share their app navigation and functional requirements addressing their project objective. Once they share their business context, allied needs, and the purpose of deploying an app, a mobile app development service provider you hire gets enabled to create a blueprint for your project to initiate finalizing the budget and start working on your project.

Development Modeling

Now, the next phase that comes ahead is development modeling. In this development cycle, the development team perceives and analyzes your requirements and comes up with the best possible app development model or methodology to satisfy all the modern project necessities for your project.

Out of the various development models such as the spiral model, waterfall model, agile model, and more, the SaaS development agency chooses the best one for you. However, these days, agile development is brutally in demand that ensures time and cost-effectiveness for both the client and agency end.

Roles & Priorities Assignment

No matter what exactly your app development size is, it is always analyzed to ensure a seamless distribution for roles & responsibilities as this is the most vital part when your project actually gets started in visual terms. From interface designing part to core development, server-side scripting to administration, testing to documentation, and more are the assignments that need to be assigned by the app development agency you hire.

Design & Development

Now, the vital phase comes wherein the design and development are performed to ensure the anticipated interface design and rich-navigational functionality. Most of the mobile app development agencies adhere to agile development and this enables the opportunity to the clients to ask for any customization or modification during the project development cycle. Once the design phase gets over and development modules are achieved, the code is sent to the team leads or project managers to fix the errors and ensure the validations.

Testing, Deployment, & Delivery

Once the final code gets ready, quality analysts ensure bug-free and interruption-free delivery. They test the code using quality testing tools and send the code to the designing and development team to ensure quality embedded practices. Once the mobile app passes the quality assurance test, it gets ready to host or deploy the product. Delivery of your app will be incumbent upon the deal you signed with your outsourced mobile app development company.

Some of the companies also focus on unit testing that is rolled out throughout the project that helps enterprises to avail of the quality-equipped and smoother app to eternally perform better on every possible device and platform.


To ensure app success, it is essential that the app development agency you hire should adhere to all the above-mentioned phases of the mobile app development lifecycle. Considering this working pattern can truly help to develop an app that is integrated with an intuitive interface, rich navigation, and deadly functionality. Such apps help brands to rescue abandoning and uplifts the possibilities to penetrate the market they are targeting.


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