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Domitian (51 AD – 96 AD) – The eleventh emperor of Rome, who ruled from 81 AD until his assassination in 96 AD. full story

Domitian (51 AD – 96 AD) – The eleventh emperor of Rome, who ruled from 81 AD until his assassination in 96 AD. full story

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Domitian (51 AD – 96 AD) – The eleventh emperor of Rome, who ruled from 81 AD until his assassination in 96 AD. full story

Domitian was the eleventh emperor of Rome, who ruled from 81 AD until his assassination in 96 AD. He was born on October 24th, 51 AD, in Rome, to Vespasian and Domitilla the Elder. He had one older brother, Titus, who had preceded him as emperor, and whom he succeeded after his untimely death. Domitian is remembered as a controversial emperor who was both loved and hated by his subjects. His reign was characterized by military campaigns, ambitious building projects, and the persecution of Christians.

Early Life and Career:

Domitian was born into a family of moderate means, with significant military connections. His father, Vespasian, was a successful general who had served in Judea and had become a respected member of the Roman Senate. Domitian grew up in Rome and was educated in the Greek and Latin languages, literature, and philosophy. Unlike his brother Titus, Domitian was not interested in military campaigns and preferred to spend his time in scholarly pursuits.

After his father became the emperor of Rome in 69 AD, Domitian was appointed as a consul and given the task of dealing with the financial affairs of the empire. He proved to be a competent administrator and implemented several reforms to improve the economy of Rome. He also oversaw several ambitious building projects, including the restoration of the Temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill.

Succession to the Throne:

When Titus died in 81 AD, Domitian succeeded him as the emperor of Rome. He was initially popular among the people of Rome, who saw him as a strong and competent leader. He continued many of the policies of his brother, including the repeal of some of the oppressive laws passed by their predecessor, which had been causing hardship to the people of Rome.

However, Domitian soon became unpopular due to his authoritarian tendencies and his persecution of those he saw as a threat to his power. He ordered the execution of several senators and officials, including his own cousin, and established a secret police force to spy on his enemies. His reign was also marked by a series of military campaigns, some of which were successful, while others were disastrous.

Military Campaigns:

Domitian was a successful military commander who launched several campaigns during his reign. He launched a campaign against the Chatti, a Germanic tribe living in what is now central Germany, and managed to defeat them. He also sent troops to Britain to suppress a rebellion, which he succeeded in doing. However, his military campaigns were not always successful, and he suffered a defeat in Dacia, which led to the loss of a significant portion of Roman territory.

Death and Legacy:

Domitian's reign came to an end in 96 AD when he was assassinated in a palace coup. His autocratic style had made him many enemies, including members of the Senate and the Praetorian Guard, who were responsible for his protection. They conspired to kill him and replaced him with the elderly Nerva, who was seen as a more moderate and conciliatory ruler.

Domitian's legacy is a complicated one. He was a successful military commander who oversaw several construction projects, but his autocratic style and his desire for complete control made him many enemies. He was seen as a cruel and oppressive ruler by many, and his assassination was celebrated by some. However, he also had many supporters who saw him as a strong and capable leader who had done much to improve the lives of the people of Rome.

In the years after his death, Domitian's memory was tarnished by his enemies, who sought to paint him as a tyrant. However, in more recent times, historians have come

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