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DigitalTicks Exchange - An Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange

Digital Ticks Exchange is not just another cryptocurrency trading platform. Developed by traders for traders.

By Bhagirath RoyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
DigitalTicks Exchange - An Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange
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Digital Ticks Exchange: Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange!!!

The beginning of this idea started in December 2017. The Digital Ticks Exchange team presents THE FIRST COMMODITY CRYPTO EXCHANGE. The team strives to provide the best trading platform for the cryptocurrency market.

Mission & Vision of Digital Ticks Exchange

With the major aim to be in the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization, the team has deployed a robust, more powerful and best in class technology required by an advanced cryptocurrency trading exchange 2018 with the intention of being the best online trading platform for cryptocurrency. Our team is dedicated to offering the most customizable exchange platform to traders and brokers and thereby achieving a step closer to the goal of being the only user-friendly exchange with the ease of trading cryptocurrency and crypto commodity.

With the increased number of crypto exchanges around the world, the cryptocurrency exchange market has seen plenty of new users attracted towards trading these currency swaps, but the major challenge for any cryptocurrency exchange is to tackle with the Security of the exchange and thereby building the Trust and confidence in the mind of the end users. Digital Ticks Exchange, with its multi cryptocurrency wallet exchange and advanced Security Audit systems and regular vulnerability testing, plans to be one of the most trusted digital currency exchange around the globe.

Digital Ticks Exchange team consists of traders, industrialists. Entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast. To make the exchange a success, Digital Ticks Exchange's innovative developers have made every effort to understand the needs and requirements of traders from novices to experts. The platform is customized for ease of use by all market participants, including hedgers, scalpers, arbitrageurs and speculators.

List of Unique Features Offered on Digital Ticks Exchange

Semi-Algorithmic Features

Single Order Portfolio View

Hotkey Features

Multiple Trading Instruments

Multiple Device Compatibility

Multi-Device Compatibility

Digital Ticks Exchange token is a 4.4DT4x4 Digital Ticks Exchange UTILITY token. DT utility tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum and bank transfer

The token pre-sale started on March 25, 2018, and the general sale started on April 15, 2018. The token sale ended on June 15th, 2018.

The team is pleased to announce the success of the Token Sale. During the token sale, the team sold a total of 64 million tokens and raised $30 million. Today, he has over 30,000 Digital Ticks community members and that number is growing rapidly.

Benefits of Trading on Digital Ticks Exchange

Digital Ticks Exchange's trading platform is much smoother and offers a great user interface with multiple features that traders need. One of the main advantages of using our platform is that exchanges do not charge trading fees for the first few months. This can be a huge profit opportunity for high frequency traders. We also offer volume-based incentives for these high frequency traders. We love our users and want to create a fair market for all registered users and provide regular research reports prepared by our team of experienced researchers so that you can trade cryptocurrencies profitably. I'm here.

FX trading services around Digital Ticks Exchange

Generally, the FX trading console on Digital Ticks Exchange is very smooth and offers an ideal user interface with the help of various features stipulated by professional traders. One of the key services with many consoles is the inability to demand operational payments for exchanges that begin in multiple months. This is a great winning opportunity for high frequency professional traders. We also typically offer volume-based credits to some of these high foot traffic professional traders at the top. With many new users conducting regular surveys servicing a team of experienced personalities, these cryptocurrency trading products are offered for profit, resulting in significant savings for everyone. It goes without saying that we want

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