Cyber Security Degree Programs

With the need for cyber security being as high as it is, many schools are now offering cyber security degree programs. But, are they worth it?

Cyber Security Degree Programs

Cyber security has become a major political, social, and economic issue. Hackers have gotten into the Social Security database, have gained access into major electricity generators, and even have managed to cause millions in damages due to financial breaches.

Fighting them and preventing attacks via cyber security has become a major economy in and of itself. That's why so many universities are beginning to offer cyber security degree programs for bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and more.

But, are they really worth it? Here's what to consider before you start looking for cyber programming degrees at your school...

Cyber Security Job Prospects

Yes, cyber security jobs are on the rise — why wouldn't they be? Some of the best cyber security jobs out there actually can pay as much as $150,000 per year or more, after a little experience.

These jobs are also a lot more stable than art or other similar job positions, so it's unlikely that you'd ever find yourself low on money in this field. Many companies are actually struggling when it comes to finding employees in this field, too.

Clearly, for jobs that pay this well, you're going to need more than just a lot of cyber security tips. You will need a background that shows you're educated in cyber security, information technology, and more.

So, you will be very likely to find yourself in a good position if you enroll in the right cyber security degree programs. It's also very well known that people who have degrees in the field they're applying to are far more likely to be seen as competent and hireable than those who do not.

Though a cyber security degree can help, most cyber security job postings do not require you to have a degree in it. As long as you have a bachelor degree in a related field or a good portfolio that proves your competence, you should be able to get hired.

Cyber Security Degree Programs' Quality

These days, it seems like the biggest caveat is based on the quality of the program you enroll in. A bad college will lead to bad results — and that's true with almost any kind of degree out there, including with cyber security.

One of the reasons why for-profit universities like ITT Tech are embroiled in lawsuits is because the degrees they're offering do not count for much in the workforce. Their cyber security degree programs, therefore, are probably not going to offer much in terms of education or job opportunities.

Meanwhile, if you get a bachelor's degree or master's degree from a nationally accredited university, you will be very likely to have good employment opportunities once you graduate. The same can be said for good certification programs, too.

So, while many online universities might offer it, it's not a good idea to choose a bad university just because their cyber security degree programs are cheap. If the paper has no meaning behind it, then there's very little chance that you would be able to find quality employment with it.

Overall, yes, cyber security degree programs can be worth it, if you choose the right one.

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