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Best AI Apps for iOS [Trending]

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By keith laurancePublished about a month ago 4 min read
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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the 21st century has been and will be the AI century, as AI has taken the world by storm. This groundbreaking technology has found its existence in almost every industry and we as users feel its presence generally through our smartphones.

It has increased the potential of smartphones and taken intelligence to unprecedented heights. Thus, in this article, we will go through the best AI apps using iOS app development companies nowadays.

The Best AI Apps

Are you looking for AI apps that are making a splash in the industry? Or the best AI app that’s perfect for you? Let’s go through these apps.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Keyboard is undoubtedly the favorite app for those users who like to use perfect sentences in their conversations, emails, or chats. Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant by which you can improve your grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation.

It also has many other features like suggestions for synonyms which improves your vocabulary, and spelling skills. The keyboard has customization options with light/dark themes and a personal dictionary. If you have subscribed for a premium plan, then you will get access to advanced features like clarity improvements and tone adjustments. It acts as a proofreader, improves your writing skills, and enriches your vocabulary.

2. ELSA Speak

If you are looking for an app that can help users to learn English then go for ELSA Speak. It is a next-level AI-powered app that offers personalized English tutorials and real-time feedback on pronunciation, accent, vocabulary, and grammar. It is a great app for students who are looking to learn English. It gives you the convenience of learning at your own pace and leverages easy-to-use learning tools and helpful pronunciation.

ELSA Speak offers you tailored learning, interactive learning experiences, and performance monitoring.

3. Lensa AI

AI has always been popular in photo editing apps and it used to be the most interactive way for users to interact with AI. The Lensa AI is an AI-powered photo editing app that has a lot of filters and user-friendly features that simplify the editing process and make the photos a lot better.

It offers high-quality pictures, skin refining effects, eye correction, and an illustrator editor. There is also a background editor and features such as color adjustment, saturation adjustment, and art tools, making it a top choice for professional as well as novice photographers. You can also create your unique and personalized avatars with the “Magic Avatars” feature.

4. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is a mobile meeting app built for working people and professionals to conduct video meetings. It not only conducts meetings but also records them, transcribes the audio, takes notes, captures slides, and generates real-time summaries. It works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Otter.ai comes with a plethora of impressive features that increase its utility to a very high level. Some of the major features are annotation, sharing, searching, and editing. You can also import and sync data between devices with ease. This functionality offers quick information retrieval, section editing, and content export. As a result, your meetings can be more successfully organized.

5. StarryAI

Are you looking for an AI app that can generate images by understanding your thoughts? Then StarryAI will be the perfect find for you. This AI art generator app can let you create beautiful images by describing your desired images. You can create 5 images without any watermark and customize them with multiple options of free models, styles, aspect ratios, and initial photos.

There are regular updates in StarryAI so that the users feel improvement in every new image.

6. Perplexity AI

If you have liked ChatGPT then you are going to love the Perplexity AI app. It has been built with cutting-edge technologies such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude 2, Perplexity can satisfy your quench of thirst.

It comes with guided AI search, voice/text queries, deeper insights by threaded discussions, cited sources, community learning, and a personal library. It saves your time as it gives you quick results for any query. The thorough responses, diverse capabilities, and interactive nature make it a highly user-friendly app.

7. Youper

The Youper is a perfect app for users who are looking apps for peaceful lessons that can help alleviate anxiety, enhance mood, and foster better relationships. It uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies, backed up by scientific evidence, to provide practical exercises for clear thinking, stress management, and emotional control.

It is a great AI app for those who are seeking mental health improvement, better coping strategies, motivation, and stronger relationships.

8. Google Socratic

This is a free learning app by Google that helps high school and college students with their schoolwork. Simply ask Google Socratic a question, and it will provide the best online resources to help you comprehend the subject. Socratic provides a wide range of topics, including arithmetic, science, history, and English. You can also ask questions using your voice or camera, and Socratic will provide you with expert-created videos, step-by-step explanations, and study aids.


These are some of the top AI applications for iOS that you can give a try by hiring the best iOS app developers. Do share these with your friends and enjoy your time.

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