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57+ Unique Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

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By Paul EnitanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
57+ Unique Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website
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It is no doubt that every website owner or blogger needs traffic to their website, however, there are processes needed to be carried out to get substantial traffic.

I’ve been working on building a blog for some time now and one of the books I was opportune to lay hold on as regards ways to get traffic to my website is a book titled “57+ Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website” by Matthew May.

This ebook was created by Matthew May (a digital marketing and traffic expert) and made completely free to help new and existing website owners/bloggers find other ways to get traffic to their website aside from the usual search engine way.

This ebook was created by Matthew May (a digital marketing and traffic expert) and made completely free to help new and existing website owners/bloggers find other ways to get traffic to their website aside from the usual search engine way.

In this article, I would be highlighting 10 out of the over 57 ways that were discussed in the ebook and you will then get the download link towards the end of this article.

Let’s go

1. Find a profitable niche

Before one gets started learning and executing all the proven ways to increase traffic to your website, Matthew highlighted that one might want to stop and think if you are even focusing on the right niche. He discussed niches that do not attract much interest and niches that do in this subject.

2. Create a memorable brand

Here, Matthew discussed the importance of having a brand name and website domain that is easy to remember and not confusing to your audience. The importance of working towards making your brand a household name in your industry was highlighted here.

3. Write Amazing Headlines

Writing amazing headlines cannot be underestimated. It’s what grabs the attention of your readers to proceed with reading the content that you’ve got on your website. How to write attention-grabbing (non-clickbait) headlines was properly discussed in this section.

4. Start Your Own Automatic Follow Up Newsletter

Email marketing is a gold mine that several website owners are yet to exploit. Statistics have it that for every $1 spent on email marketing, at least a $49 ROI (Return On Investment) is expected. Matthew May gave a detailed guide on how to incorporate email marketing for explosive website traffic here.

5. Build A Large Organic Social Media Audience By Posting Free Content

Creating a large social media following within your niche should be your priority. You should be constantly posting valuable information that would be of interest to your audience. It is essential that you syndicate all your content for free on all your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

It is also important to completely fill out your profiles on all these platforms with well-written keyword-rich descriptions and links, wherever possible, back to your websites.

6. Create List Posts

List posts such as “7 ways to do this”, and “10 ways to do that” are posts that readers love to read and Matthew made mentions their importance in traffic generation in this section.

7. Re-Produce The Most Popular Content in Your Industry Using Multiple Sources- Skyscraper Technique

In this section, Matthew highlighted in detail the SkyScraper Technique of reproducing/recreating the most content popular content in your industry. The technique involves:

  • Find a highly popular blog post or video in your niche.
  • Create an even BETTER version of this content and
  • Promote the content.

8. Answer And Ask Questions Using Quora

Quora is question and answer site with millions of visitors asking and answering questions daily on the platform. You can look for topics that relate to your niche. You can include links and even videos in your answers to get more traffic to the content that you’ve created on your website or YouTube channel.

9. Press Releases

Writing press releases is one of the unique and not too discussed ways of getting traffic to a website. In this section, how to write press releases and sites to submit written press releases were highlighted.

10. Create Slideshare Presentations

Slideshare.net is a presentation-sharing website with millions of daily visitors trooping there to source information. You can create pdf files which essentially are word files that you convert to pdf and then upload to Slideshare.net. The site generally gets ranked in search quite easily and if visitors click on your links you get traffic!

There you go, here are just 10 summarized ways out of the over 57 detailed ways to get traffic to your website. You can download the ebook here, it’s completely free.

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