2018 Without a Phone?! Do-Able or Disaster?

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2018 Without a Phone?! Do-Able or Disaster?

Wow! No "clickbait" here. Honestly, it's so sad to even think that one day this would be a "crisis."

Like, yes, the title is true. I have been living without my phone for about a month & a half now.

For some, this might be COMPLETELY unfathomable. However, I'm here to say that... it is... not... that... bad! I am being completely honest here too lol. It really isn't that bad.

Now, do I miss my phone? Absolutely!

Do I feel like a minimalist? Far from one, haha.

Will I be getting a phone again soon? HOPEFULLY!

So, let me tell you the story. The semi-full version.

I was in my dorm taking videos on my phone, and it dropped on the ground to a cement-like floor. Idk what kind of floor it was, but obviously it was a hard one. It literally SHATTERED my entire screen. That shatter that I thought was only "screen deep," turned out to be the Butterfly Effect of my phone. Glass slowly started to fall bit by bit from my phone, creating a hole at the bottom above the right speaker. So, here I am with not only a shattered screen, but a phone that people can basically see inside of. Anyways, I just brushed it off, like no biggy. It's just a hole and a cracked screen, what's the worst that could happen?

So, I continued with my life, on my phone as usual. I have a bad habit constantly checking myself on Snapchat, making sure I look okay lol. And I always make videos, that I re-create over and over, until I get the "perfect" one. (Ik! EXTREMELY bad habit ahah). Any-who, there I was taking videos, and I just randomly started to notice that it was no longer recording the sound. Umm... WHAT?!!?? You were literally JUST working not too long ago. How can the sound just... disappear?

Then, I'm like, "UGH! Okay, then!" Again, haha! Because, at that point, it was really nothing I could do. My phone was literally in it's worst shape yet lol. Cracked screen, hole, microphone not working. Like this phone was having it's mid-life crisis. By this point, I had to just learn how to deal with it. Only post pics, since the microphone wouldn't record any sounds in the videos. Learn how to read through the cracked lines haha. Like, it was pretty bad, but it wasn't awful. Now, at THAT point, I knew it REALLY couldn't get worst from there. That had to be the final straw! There was literally no going lower from there. You were already at your lowest sweetie, how can you make it worst? And sure enough, my phone proved me absolutely wrong, and showed me, "nothing is impossible!" One day, I decided to stay at my older sister's place for a while. I didn't bring much with me besides clothes, laptop, and phone. My essentials really lol. And, I like to sleep on couches because certain beds hurt my back. Plus, the guest room was too hot to sleep in anyways. Point is, I slept on the couch, WITH MY PHONE NEXT TO ME LIKE AN IDIOT! And something told me, TOLD ME, told me, told me, told me, NOT to sleep with that phone next to you b/c you're gonna wake up, and it's not gonna work! I promise this is the EXACT knowledge that popped into my head. I did NOT listen, and when I tell y'all I woke up the NEXT MORNING, that phone looked like a horse stepped on it. I was SO mad! Like SOOOO mad! During the night, it got stuck in between some cushions, so I assume that the hole exposing it to who knows what, caused it to mess up the next day. It was a legit mess. I was tossing my phone around like crazy haha!

And honestly, that was the end of my phone. It survived enough that I could send a few more messages to people. Right before the screen started controlling itself and typing random crap. It ended up just turning completely different colors, and so now I'm phone-less.

This story seems like it probably shouldn't have been this long. But, this all started back in like December I believe. The phone finally finished itself towards the end of June. My grandma ended up letting me use her Tracfone. And when I say, "Tracfone," I really do mean Tracfone! Like, this thing is a straight Obama phone with minutes and like ten buttons, haha. Although it's far from a smartphone, I'm grateful that I can use it when need be. Having it has made me realize how important smartphones actually are, and how essential they can be in the era we're in now. A lot of people struggle without a phone, but, I'm actually glad I get to have a break from them/it. I wasn't like addicted to my phone, but I can say that it was apart of my daily routine, and tons of people. To the point where we rely on it, and feel like we NEED to have it. I honestly just miss my Music, which I had to shut down bc I can't afford that monthly rent anymore lol. And I miss being able to use the Internet when I'm away from my laptop. I am an Internet, like Wizard, or something haha. I ALWAYS have to have it. I ALWAYS have to use it. So, when I'm on the road and I don't get to quickly Google something, it's so annoying. I really do miss my phone, and can't wait to have it back. But, until then, I'll just appreciate what I have, and not take anything for granted.

So, do you think you can live/survive in this era completely PHONE LESS? Leave a comment please, and let me know! :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Eb !
Eb !
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