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2 Business Ideas for Native Mobile App Projects

2 Business Ideas for Native Mobile App Projects

By Kartik PatelPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

If your business wants to generate more revenue and increase its customer reach, it may be considering a mobile application project. When it comes to Native mobile apps, there are many considerations but, if your business wants to focus solely on an Apple iPhone app development project or on an Android mobile application, you will need a vision! What kind of application will be best for your business and will result in more revenue, customer visibility and customer satisfaction?

While there are numerous choices, in this article, we will focus on two examples of business or market use cases, and the supportive features and functionality within a native Android or iOS environment. You may find that these ideas will provide a foundation for your native mobile application development project.

Leverage the Operating System (OS) Foundation - Native applications that are designed to comply with iOS or Android environs can provide high-performance for any mobile application that engages a specific device for use of the address book, a compass, camera or push notifications. Because your development team is leveraging the tools and features inherent in within the native environment, the performance of the application will be swift and concise.

Choose From a Myriad of Dependable Features – Develop mobile applications with dependable performance, reliability and native and hardware dependent features like GPS, continuous geo tracking, geo-fencing, high image processing capabilities and other image processing which can be performed locally within the device, using Bluetooth or other interfaces on the phone device. By using the developer tools built into this environment, the team can quickly and easily assemble the features and test the mobile application for inclusion in the Android or Apple store.

If your business wants to attract and retain customers, it may choose to select the native mobile application development environment. For businesses that provide an Android or an iPhone for team member use, a native app can leverage the features, function and environment of a particular operating system (OS) and offer a useful, seamless business application for team use to enhance productivity and collaboration.

If your business use case requires native mobile application development, expert developers can design mobile apps to support either Android or iPhone environments. Your business can enter the market or design a business application for team members, using a native mobile application approach that focuses only on one of these two operating systems (OS). You need not limit your vision! There are still plenty of ways you can serve your customer (or your business users) and create an innovative solution that will attract and retain your client base.

Whether you have a clear vision of your mobile application project, or you need help exploring the opportunities and the market and creating the mobile application for your clients, you need to engage an IT consulting partner – a partner that has the knowledge, experience and skill to serve your need for iPhone, or Android native mobile applications. For more information about mobile application development, visit our Blog.

About Kartik Patel

Kartik is the founder and CEO of Elegant MicroWeb, specializing in software services and products, outsourcing services and Digital Transformation Services. For more than two decades, Elegant MicroWeb has provided a full suite of innovative technology services and sustained partnerships with clients around the world. Its flagship augmented analytics Smarten solution includes Assisted Predictive Modeling, Self-Serve Data Preparation, Smart Data Visualization and a Clickless Analytics, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach to Augmented Analytics. The Smarten solution is included in numerous Gartner reports including Self-Service Data Preparation, Modern BI and Analytics, and Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms.


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Kartik Patel

Founder and CEO of Elegant MicroWeb, specializing in software services and products, outsourcing services and Digital Transformation Services.

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