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Whether a person can live to seventy depends on how the providence is during the five years from sixty to sixty-five.

Some Sentiments about Life, Just Personal Opinions.

By yiyi linPublished 28 days ago 3 min read

Life is like such a scene: when one passes sixty, one longs for sixty-five. And when at sixty-five, one hopes to reach seventy.

This stems from man's true yearning for life, and also from man's true dread of death.

And often there are acquaintances around who have passed away before reaching sixty, making people sigh that their years are still young and truly pitiful.

To this point, inevitable worries and fears arise, worrying that one's own lifespan may not be long.

In fact, whether a person can live to seventy is closely related to the providence between sixty and sixty-five.

Firstly, is there care and company in life?

In this world, when people are young, everything is possible.

But when they are old, it is extremely important to have someone by at an appropriate distance.

Some elderly people, precisely because of the lack of care from family members, thus suffer from serious illnesses and affect their lifespan, which is a great pity.

For example, some elderly people, because when they live alone and accidentally fall, then serious consequences occur.

We all know: for the elderly, they must not fall easily. Once they fall, it is extremely serious, or it may lead to serious consequences.

If there is someone to take care nearby, the probability of such things happening will be smaller.

Even if it happens, they can also be sent to the hospital quickly, and the result may be a little better.

When people are over sixty, having someone to take care and accompany them, and living without such, perhaps the quality of life is quite different.

If there is really no condition to live together. One should also try to live a little closer to their children.

Or, maintain a good relationship with the neighbors.

At critical moments, someone will offer a helping hand.

Secondly, is there a need to take care of others?

In this world, after we pass sixty, when we are providing for the aged, perhaps we still need to provide for our own parents.

This is a very realistic issue. And sometimes it is very wearing.

Taking care of patients for a long time, sometimes, the mood may not be good, and it will also be extremely tiring.

After all, this is an unpaid long-term job.

This hardship is also a burden on one's own health.

For example, in some families, the children themselves are already in their sixties or seventies, and then the parents are hospitalized.

Just taking care of them for a week can make the children have a sore back, high blood pressure.

If unfortunately, the old person suffers from a disease that loses consciousness or loses the ability to take care of oneself, that is an even greater challenge.

When one is sixty, how one's own lifespan is not only determined by whether there is someone to take care. It also depends on how much filial responsibility we ourselves have to bear.

Those who have too heavy a responsibility in this regard also have to bear a great burden.

There are more of the like. Maybe I don't say it, you can also see it in your lives or you are currently in such a situation.

Life is great yet fragile, tenacious and precious. Perhaps some of you may make hasty judgments or neglect about life, but in every corner of this world, there are people who strive to present its complexity and diversity, and the longing for life.

Hopefully people can feel the awesomeness and respectability of life from my words, thereby awakening everyone's respect and cherish for life. Also pay more attention to the concern and respect for the middle-aged and the elderly. After all, everyone will grow old!

In any case, every day of life, facing the future is unknown, and hopefully we can live meaningfully.

Finally, with the beauty and hope for life in our arms, I hope that you who are reading this article, when seeing here, can give yourselves and this beautiful world the most wonderful anticipation.


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