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What Should I Get a Writer?

Gift ideas for that writer in your life

By Jasmine AguilarPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
What Should I Get a Writer?
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Your friend is a writer. Or maybe it's your brother or work colleague. Any way, you just know someone that's a writer. They work tirelessly on their novel almost every day. They're a dedicated member on Medium publishing articles about five times a week. They write on the side submitting short stories and poems to magazines. 

What ever level of writer they are, their birthday is coming up soon. Or maybe it's their anniversary or Christmas. What ever the reason, you need to get a gift for them. What do you even get a writer? 


A Journal 

A journal is a good start. It's simple and usually inexpensive unless you get one of those fancy looking ones with a glitter cover and a silk ribbon page marker. But hey, they deserves it! They can record all of their story and article ideas in their journal. It will be a life saver when they have a secure place to write down that idea before it fades away and forgotten. If they're also the artistic sort, a journal would be an ideal place for their sketches too. 

Of course it could sit unused on their shelf because they claim that it's just too pretty to write in. 


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Books are a great and maybe more obvious idea. Most writers love to read. What's their favorite genre? Their favorite author? Do they have a particular topic they're passionate about? Why not get them a book by their favorite author? From their favorite genre? Last time you were at the bookstore, you saw a book about gemstones. Your writer friend loves and collects gemstones of all kinds. Surely they will enjoy this book! 

Wait! What if they already have it? Or what if you don't really know what they like to read or they're just picky? Well … 

Gift Card to a Bookstore

Okay, maybe you just don't know what to get them? Would they like this book? Or maybe they'd rather go with this one. You're hesitant. When in doubt, a gift card to a favorite bookstore is a great alternative. And besides books aren't the only things that bookstores carry. There's plenty of little odds and ends at a bookstore. Book marks, journals as was previously mentioned, and a few other things that will be mentioned here next. 

When in doubt, go with a gift card and they can pick out any book they so desire.

Maybe they're the kind of writer that still enjoys writing the old fashioned way. And they do need something to go with that journal, right? 😊

Get them a pack of pens. They'll surely be put to good use. Maybe even better, get them one of those multi color pack of pens. They'll be the ideal gift especially if they're more of the organized type. Or maybe they're a bit disorganized and some color coding would be just what they'd need! 

A Gift Card / Gift certificate to Their Favorite Coffee Shop 

By Empreinte on Unsplash

Whether its Starbucks or that locally owned coffee shop that sits on the corner of town, a gift card to a coffee shop might be another great idea. Are they the type of writer that will spend a few hours out of their day here and there throughout the week over their laptop at the local coffee shop? If you would walk into that coffee shop, would there be a good chance that you'd find them there? 

Well, there you go! They can enjoy a favorite beverage while working on their next story. With a gift card, they could even indulge by getting a drink they usually wouldn't get. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A writer needs the utmost focus. Sometimes that isn't so easy. There's so much noise going on around us. The TV on in the next room, the traffic outside ... the noises of every day life. Some of us are better at blocking out distractions more so than others. 

Some noise cancelling headphones might be a good idea. They can focus on that next story or article they need to finish up. They'll finally finish it up, uninterrupted, and they'll feel accomplished. Well, that's the idea. 

Writing Software

Writing software like Grammarly, Scrivener, or Pro Writing Aid are ideal sites to help a writer improve their craft. Each software offers different features at different cost levels. If you are especially familiar with any such writing software and know which ones you'd recommend, perhaps gift a writing software. Whether it's a month's trial or a year or life, it will be the perfect addition to their writing process.

These are just some ideas to get started if you would be happening to look for a gift for that writer in your life. Or maybe you're a writer! This would be a good opportunity to start dropping hints. 😉


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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred4 months ago

    Some good ideas in there, well expressed

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