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What does a year as a writer look like?

Suspended in time

By Marie Kynd Published 2 months ago 2 min read
Alice in Bookland

As a creator time seems more like a construct than to the average person. We string together different time periods, different limits of realities, like it’s a common thing among our busy schedules. How could it feel like a 200th entry, when we’ve written thousands in our head?

As we navigate the stories we read,become different people, and imagine ourselves in new scenarios, there’s always a funny comedown from living in such various times and places. As we create a new world with a thread all our own, it seems pointless to recall when we started and when we ended since we always seem trapped in the middle of a story. Needing to tell it over and over again every time someone new reads a work we’ve published.

But somewhere in the weird time continuum of stories written, and the ones yet to be published I find myself looking up.Finding the moment I’m in and wondering what a perfect scenario would look like in the timeline I have my feet cemented in. I feel each answer to be as limitless as the worlds I’ll travel to.

Where will I travel to?

Who will I learn to love or hate?

And what color will my hair be in my next adventure?

I don’t know.

I only know that I want to do more of it.

It’s time to create some more. To submit a book for a chance to hear a “no.” It may seem strange to wish for a no, but it would be a confirmation that one more person has stepped into the world I’ve created. It’s time for my ‘Vocal’ family to hear just one more twist to a prompt that caused a star to explode somewhere in the universe that rattled my insides that made me write another entry.

Even while I’m looking into the future, I’m also looking into the past. Whoever reads this submission, is reading a tiny part of my heart that I wrote days before they read it. And my goal is to keep breaking that time continuum a little more.

Is that too simple of a goal? To hope to reach just one more person?

For as long as I can remember the stories that have existed inside my head, have felt trapped.Never reaching the person it needs to find most… and even when it does a writer can never be specific enough.

I always wonder if a reader sees a different paint shade than I imagine? Then again and that seems to add to the magic of it all.

My goal is to create a new shade of paint every time a writer invisions a setting in a story, and to create more entires on this app to feed the endless fire that urges me to write.

Just as Alice gets more lost in Wonderland, I hope to get lost in the stories submitted by people on this app and to share a peek into the worlds living inside of me.

I know I won’t win every entry I submit, and I know that not every person on this app will read every bit of works that feel more magical than the world we dwell in…

but just having a chance…

My goal is that. To have more chances.


About the Creator

Marie Kynd

An english major that loves a good story, and loves writing one even more.

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