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The Hidden Pitfalls of Writing Productivity. What Authors Won't Tell You

Free time? Family? Who has time for that?

By Elise L. BlakePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Hidden Pitfalls of Writing Productivity. What Authors Won't Tell You
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All authors tell you that you should write, write, write. 

But what they don't often tell you is the downside to all of that writing. 

The pitfalls of trying to live a normal life while also having a productive writing life.

Writing is a double-edged sword and it's time we talk about the negative parts.

The Pressure to Produce 

No matter how successful an author's book may be, as soon as they get the ball rolling in their writing career the avalanche is soon on its way. 

 Once they get that first bit of success the demand to capitalize on that is going to cause them to have to produce books faster than they might have planned before the inevitable hype starts to wean away to the next big thing. The writing industry driven by deadlines and demands can lead some authors to just begin throwing words out on a page to see what will stick and what will make their agents and readers happy.

Their once sometimes hobby might now be their full-time job, causing writing to feel more like work than what they once had a passion for.

Even smaller authors who don't find that big commercial success feel the constant pressure to write -> to publish -> to write -> to publish leading them to experience burnout.

Being Selfish With Time 

Your family may support your writing endeavors - until it starts affecting them. 

Writers with normal day jobs have to write when they can, often in the time that they would normally be spending the time with their family, friends, or significant others. 

The first time I had to tell my partner and my future in-laws that I could not join them on an unplanned trip out of state for the weekend because I had a writing deadline to meet for a pitch event taking place that weekend - they looked at me like I was taking all of the fun out of life with my decision to put my writing above their last minuet getaway plans. 

Carving out dedicated writing time can be a luxury and other times something has to give to make it possible. 

Wrist And Back Pain 

I see too little advocacy for proper posture and support given to new writers that I am afraid for their future.

 I know firsthand the downfalls of disregarding wrist rests and ergonomic yet unaesthetic keyboards as I am currently typing up this article with a support brace on my right hand to minimize the pain I'll feel later. 

Hours spent typing away or hunched over keyboard and notebooks will eventually catch up to writers if certain precautions aren't taken. 

If you want to continue to write books for years and years to come choose comfort over aesthetics. Every. Time. And for the love of all the books in the world - sit up straight. 

Eye Strain 

These screens we love, that make writing so simplistic, hurt us a little bit each day. 

We go from staring at computer screens to staring at phone screens to staring at TV screens and while I'm not a doctor and can't tell you that these will have a long-lasting negative effect…

I do know from many writers in my circle that we all have days we have to take off from writing because of headaches caused by staring at our screen for hours on end the day before. 

Eyesight is a fickle thing and you want to keep it strong as long as possible. 

Take breaks, be mindful of your screen brightness and font size, and consider using blue light filters or wearing glasses designed to reduce eyestrain. 


The more productive an author is the more they can experience negative lasting effects in the pursuit of that productivity. 

Remember that writing is more than just the action of putting words down on a page. You have to live life and experience the world around you so that you can use these influences in your works to tell stories that will draw readers into new worlds. 

Best of luck! 

Be careful! 

With love, 

B. xo xo


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Good to learn! Fantastic job! 😉

Elise L. BlakeWritten by Elise L. Blake

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