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Rewriting Old Stories


By Jenny HuynhPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Rewriting Old Stories
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Rewriting old stories

Ever tell yourself a story over and over again?

The more you retell it in your mind the more you remember it. The more you relive it again again and again.

Sometimes its a nice one

Sometimes it makes you smile

Sometimes it pisses you off

Sometimes it makes you frustrated

Sometimes you get sad

Sometimes you feel lonely

Sometimes you feel worn out

Sometimes you get tired

Sometimes you feel burnt out

Sometimes you feel trapped

Sometimes you break free but then stumble again and repeat

Your stories are yours

You tell them to yourself

Your remind yourself for whatever the reason maybe

Sometimes there is that one story you just wish you would forget

But then you realize you just told yourself the story

Then you remember you remembered

They you want to simply forget

Then you want to undo what you did

And oddly it feels like the more you try to tell yourself to forget and not care

You realize you repeated it and just spent the day thinking of it

More time wasted

Then one day you talk to a friend and tell her your story you want to forget

She listens

And she says “why do you care?”

Exactly why did “I” care


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Jenny Huynh

Facts can be fun, complex, and not as black and white as some may think. Be open minded, explore and discover.

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