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One Story Closer To My Final Vocal Story

This Is True For All Of Us

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
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You may see that as clickbait but it is actually a true statement for all of us. I am starting this because it is close to midnight so I am going to stay up and do midnight things before I crawl into my bed.

I have chosen Eric Clapton's take on JJ Cale's "After Midnight" to go with this piece. These days I have no time for Clapton as a person but he did produce some more than listenable music.

Let Me Expand On Why

I probably don't have to. As soon as you read it you must see that it is true. Yes, you thought "Aw is Mike walking out on us again, well good riddance to bad rubbish" but it is true. This story is taking me one step closer to my final Vocal Story whatever that might be.

It's always possible I might meet up with the Grim Reaper, but, seriously I have no intention of that happening.

I may one day find a better writing platform and maybe just close my Vocal Account.

I may become bored with writing and concentrate on learning to play the guitar or maybe painting, or even programming, and that may stop me from writing.

There can be so many reasons why in a few months I may not be on Vocal.

Maybe they may decide that they have had enough of my criticism and writing and so decide my writing is no longer required on Vocal.

These are just a few thoughts but the true reality is that I will keep writing and keep producing and publishing.

This does not alter the title of this piece, we are all one step closer to our all-time final Vocal Story.

Hopefully this will not be my Final Vocal story, well not yet anyway.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock2 months ago

    First thing I thought when I saw the title was clickbait that is also a truism, lol. Well done, Mike. So what's Clapton been up to lately? (I don't tend to pay too much attention to such things.)

  • Manisha Dhalani2 months ago

    I completely understand this feeling - sometimes I get tired, sometimes I'm demotivated and I tell myself "never again". But here I am! All thanks to creators like you who keep writing awesome stuff and making Vocal an amazing place to be!

  • Teresa Renton2 months ago

    I don’t think Vocal is oval without you, so you’ll have to stay. You’re a mascot 🤷‍♀️

  • Even if you find a netter platform then Vocal, please don't leave Vocal 🥺 Maybe you can cancel your V+ membership but don't close your account. And then whatever you publish on that new account, publish them here too, because I wanna continue reading your writing 🥺

  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Terrific advice!!! We all are one step closer!!!💕♥️♥️

  • Judey Kalchik 2 months ago

    It’s a ‘we were born to die’ title. True, but we don’t speak of it

  • Denise E Lindquist2 months ago

    I knew better but still had to take a look!😉Thank you for all you do, your stories, poems and all the art and the music you bring back for me to listen to also. My hubby only listens to old country. And I mostly listen to podcasts and books on tape. So I enjoy your selection of music!💖

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    Oh, you son of a ... lol. Definitely click bait. Ya got me!

  • Daphsam2 months ago

    I hope its not! You are too good of a writer!!

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