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Mistakes (Unofficial Challenge)

An Unofficial Vocal Challenge

By Karun Published 2 months ago 1 min read


If winners look for money close your page. This unofficial challenge won't pay you. This is for the real writers and poets who have hidden skills and have not seen their powers. It is for recognition


You are on the edge of a hill, You hear a familiar voice. You have several conversations with the voice. Finally, you feel too sad about something you have done and you jump and die on the hill. What mistake is worth dying and not forgiving?

#This is not a suicidal promotion, it is a storyline of how guilt ends your life

Special Instructions: Compulsory

1) Poems / stories or microfictions and as many details, but don't drag the story. A minimum of 300 words for poetry and microfiction. 500-600 words for fiction.

2) The ending should be tragedic and guilty.

3) Make the lines as realistic and normal.

4) Emotions feelings and facial expressions add bonuses to your stories

5) Your story should have a flashback story connecting to the present sequel.

6) Add a short note of moral or a piece of words after you conclude

7)(Poems) No particular rhyming scheme, you can go freestyle but rhyming sounds better. Add Imagery in bold lines.

That's it for the rules.


10 honourable mentions will be mentioned

3 among them are the winners are runners.

The ublic are welcome to comment the others' stories that felt good.

Who is going to choose:

It's only me. You all have choices. I will choose. For each story I have chosen I will give reasons, particularly the words that caused you to be a mention. I will offer every participant a piece of advice or suggestion from my side.

My Sample:

I'm a poet so I'm adding one poem. This is not the best. I am just expressing myself. Don't try my style I want your words and your signatures.

Poetic Ghost


(324 Words)

All the very best

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About the Creator


🌿✨ Karun, a poet weaving emotions into verses, embarked on the journey of words to unearth the beauty of feelings. In the delicate dance of ink and emotion, my poetry delves into the nexus of the human heart and the natural world.✍️

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  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Terrific unofficial challenge!!!

  • Anna 2 months ago

    Great prompt!😊

  • Oooo, this seems like a very intriguing challenge! Let's see if Mr Brain comes up with anything hehehe

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