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Max Amillian the High Achiever

Modern Satire

By Matthew PrimousPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Max Amillian the High Achiever
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Ever since I was young. I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to achieve the greatest I possible can. And my parents helped me. They saw the eagerness and savvy curious child I was. At an early age I wanted to be something. I would work hard at school. I would aim high. I would study hard and I would practice and practice. My father was my first teacher. He would take me to the library and showed me how to draw. I would draw my heroes in history as big as I possible can. I would work really really hard at it. It was what I did before going to first grade. I really wanted to impress Mom and Dad since they work hard everyday for me to have a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back, and spend time with me. Mom would love picking me up and tickling me just because she liked my laughter. She would sit me on the counter and tell me a story. My father would give me assignments. Then first grade really all the way to high school, it was the same for me. I would make straight A's at least once. My teachers saw I was eager to learn. I was eager to become someone great. That's why I loved history teaching me how to walk in the footsteps of the great and avoid the bad guys of the past. I would spend recess writing and writing. I could even write with both hands even to this day. I had no time for friends and silly get-to-gathers. My mind was focus on being a hero. To use my mind to do something great. To use my smarts for solving world problems. To use my knowledge to help lead the world. Though as I grew I was tempted but who isn't. However I wanted to challenge myself and challenge the world. In middle school, I was planning to be a teacher after all a teacher said that I am as smart as her when I made straight A's for the second time in middle school. And so I tried teaching but I found out that there is more to it then just talk. So I decided to study more and more. And when I went to high school, I was almost ready tutoring what I know and helping others pass. I did pretty well. I was on the National High Honors since 6th grade. I was on Who's Who's National List in High School for seven years. And I started elementary, high school, and college early. I took many honor classes in Spanish, History, and Science even English. I was an ambassador for Model UN. I was almost ready. Then I had a sickness, it came slowly over time crippling me up. And I got so sick I had to move into a hospital several years later. I couldn't think and I couldn't do anything. All I knew was to take my medicine. The illness I eventually found out was not deadly just lifelong. I thought my mind was crippled but I took computer tests in the hospital and excel them all. I was so smart that apart of my recovery was finishing college. And I did, I finished with distinctions and honors still not ready yet. Entering graduate program, the Masters, and getting praised for excellent writing, critical thinking and dismissing because I wanted to be a teacher. I was finally ready. Many organizations were willing to allow me to teach because of my academic mastery. But there was one final test, I had to submit those essays which were frowned upon to a scholar award. Each day anticipating and nervous, weeks and weeks then the email that I beat hundreds of other professors around the world. Now it was time. Teachers are educators. Teachers are heroes. Teachers are mountain movers. Teachers are something and they can live comfortably teaching. And they can do whatever they wanted to. And they could save the world and influence the world. Teachers were the real heroes. Then I took the tests, Science online Genius Test without any preparations and a Science Genius. Math online Genius Test without any preparations and a Math Genius. History online Genius Test without any preparations and a History Genius. I took a IQ over 130 Test and now have an IQ over 130 which is Gifted. I was on fire and ready and determined. I was back. It was my time. Max Amllian time to change the world as a multiple scholar and certified high academic achiever by four honor societies and lifetime member to two of them.


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Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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