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Is it luck or is it fate?

What determines something as luck or fate? Or is it both?

By Suzii~Published 18 days ago 2 min read
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Is it luck or is it fate?
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If someone passes an exam, is it luck or is it fate? What about if you saw someone trip over a rock, is it luck or is it fate? What determines if something is luck or simply just fate? There is no clear cut answer but let's just have some fun shall we?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we have a fierce competition so gather along as the first match is underway!

Round 1: introduce yourselves

What is luck? And what is fate? If one had to come out on top, which one would it be? Some people suggest luck and fate are on the same level. Whilst others believe fate is far more superior because of how realistic it is.

Here is a question for you all. Is winning the lotto based on luck or fate? Honestly, to win the lotto, one would have to buy a ticket and then wait to see if they actually are selected to win. But, if they don't win, then are they just 'unlucky' or is it just their 'fate' not to win this time round? Or maybe even, ever?

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Round 2: Luck vs Fate

Let me confuse you further.

Fate and luck are kind of the same thing, although (argubaly) luck would probably be tagged as far less logical and, here's why. Believing in 'pure luck' is to think of life in a mystical and non-rational sense. For instance, if I say I would pass my exams because I am that lucky or just feeling lucky, would that mean I do not need to study to pass my exams? Of course not. It makes no sense, because we all know that everyone must put in some kind of effort to achieve something. Also, no one passes their exams purely based off of luck, they either are talented/skilled in that subject, or do not admit to studying late at night. Wait a minute, what about throwing a dice? Now that is definetly just pure luck, right? Well, one could argue that whatever number you get on your dice, is already pre-planned as part of your fate. Your fate already determined what number you are going to get anyway.

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Final round: you decide

In conclusion, everyone's life is based on fate. Fate is something that is pre-planned for everyone. The colour of someone's eyes, their height, their parents etc. this is all fate. Fate is powerful, because no human can control it nor know about it before it actually happens. But our fate can sometimes take a twist based on our own decisions and choices. This does not mean your entire pre-planned fate might change dramatically, such as if you are fated to have children, you most definetly will. It is our own choices and decision that determine the how, where and when of our own fate. Random example coming through, if a woman is fated to give birth to three children, she definitely will but, perhaps she delays getting married to a later age (decision delays fate) therefore she does not expect to actually have children but, she eventually does. But how? Because this is the power of fate, if something is meant to happen, it definitely will.

So are you team luck or team fate?

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  • Emil indw9 days ago

    The thing that I caught, we can only delay fate. Then, luck comes from effort combined with fate :)

  • Sometimes it's luck. Sometimes it's fate. Sometimes all the fog and mist and murk is cleared away and we are presented with a profound choice. What we do in those rare moments is what really matters and determines both luck and fate going forward. Like Schrodinger's Cat In Pandora's Box Prometheus Bound Remains Free...

  • angela hepworth9 days ago

    I’m more team luck, but sometimes life happens in such a way that you can’t help but believe in fate. There can be magic in this world for better or worse. Amazing piece!

  • Andrea Corwin 17 days ago

    Oh gosh, I don’t know which team I am!! I think I’m the line between them. Interesting story, thanks!

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