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Balancing Authenticity & Marketability In The Music Industry | Daniel Siegel Loanso

Balancing Authenticity & Marketability

By Daniel Siegel LoansoPublished 27 days ago 3 min read


Rene Descrates has been heralded as the “Father of Modern Philosophy”. A reclusive philosopher left behind a positive legacy. According to his thinking, the human being is composed of 2 substances; the soul & mind, and the body. Descrates’ understanding of life and its complexities is dualistic. Such an approach is often practiced between a musician and the splendid journey to compose his music.

Daniel Siegel Loanso, as a multifaceted musician, has mastered the art of music owning the authenticity of his songs. Though, with the modernized advancements in technology, authenticity has been jeopardized in many forms revolving around the music industry. However, contemporary artists such as Daniel have kept their legacy alive. Through the aid of his talents, his work has been recognized and appreciated and regarded as true to his roots.

Authenticity In Music

Daniel Siegel Loanso, a versatile musician is well equipped with the modern-times and trends in the music industry. He is well known for his soulful voice and mastery in guitar skills. Hailing from a musician family, his roots in music are blended with folk, rock and the blues. From creating a uniquely blended sound resonating with audiences of all ages, he has kept the thrill of authenticity in music alive.

Over the years, Daniel Siegel has released several acclaimed albums, performed at prestigious venues and festivals, and collaborated with notable artists in the industry. With the evolution of trends in the music industry, authenticity remains a major factor in the success of a recording artist.

Marketability In The Music Industry

Genres such as hip-hop, reggae, jazz, blues, rhythm & blues and folk have historically changed the dynamic of music. In the era structure and situated with crumbled attention spans of the audience, billions of artists are looking to have their breakthrough. Such a diversity reflected upon the music industry allows a multitude of competitive individuals to come together and serve. However, marketing serves as a distinguishing factor to stand in line with your competitors in the industry.

Marketing is one way to propel your image in the business industry and enable visibility to potential listeners. There are several touch points to consider when going into the business of marketing the music industry. Often pondering about the myriad of effective branding strategies can help you gain a competitive edge.

These questions rely on a spectrum of direction you wish to get into as you enter the music industry are:

  1. Am I equipped with the required team of experts in getting the results for branding and strategizing?
  2. Do I have the niche audience I’d like?
  3. Do I have the necessary resources and budget for branding and marketing?
  4. Is my content strategy planned and ready to take the leap?

Such are the kind of questions where the balance between an artist entering the music industry is often maintained. Honesty in character and lifestyle remains a fundamental factor in being valued as an artist. Utilizing collaborations with other artists or producers, learning your genre, researching your niche audience plays a crucial role in marketing.


By understanding genre as a set of rules and consecutive features, we get to unravel the unique features of the musical compositions. The digital age has majorly influenced the music industry. Today’s global industry has grown to encapsulate the large phenomenon of stardom in the music industry. From all above, it is evident that music is one of the most ethical forms of self-expressed art in humankind. The resilience built through while making music is multifaceted. From empowerment, advocacy, social change to fostering meaningful connections, music enables our sense of community, experiencing the journey of traveling as a musician on tour, to finding inspiration on the road of songwriting.


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Daniel Siegel Loanso

Daniel Siegel Loanso is a versatile musician known for his soulful voice and masterful guitar skills. Daniel blends elements of jazz, folk, rock, and blues, creating a unique sound that resonates with audiences of all ages.

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