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Worst Car Movies of All Time

Dare to give any of these car movies a "test run"? These are the absolute worst car movies in history.

By Greg BondPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

There are so many great car movies out there that really make you feel like you're in the movie. From talking cars to racing films, there's a wide range of ideas writers and directors can play around with when it comes to cars. Even the thrill of cars racing in the movie is the greatest feeling when it keeps you at the edge of your seat.

While there's a great list of amazing car movies that have been released over the years, there are also pretty bad car movies that sadly exist today. Some of these films acquire really weird storylines, horrible acting, and doesn't make any sense overall. Check out the absolute worst car movies you can't believe were on the big screen.

While this Disney film gained a lot of recognition, it really wasn't a great movie. The original Herbie movies were awesome, but this remake was a total disappointment. It was extremely corny, didn't make sense, and they even made Herbie a NASCAR racer. In what world could Herbie be competing in any NASCAR race?

Anyways, Herbie: Fully Loaded is based on an 18-year-old girl, Maggie Peyton, who’s the daughter of a once-successful stock car driver, Ray Peyton Sr. While Maggie loves to race and is in line for a job for covering NASCAR for ESPN, she’d rather be behind the wheel during those races—yet, her dad forbids her. But when looking for a used car for her birthday with her dad, she comes across a busted 1963 Volkswagen that somehow comes to life.

Easily one of the all-time worst car movies to ever exist, The Dukes of Hazzard is overall a dumb/funny movie. The majority of the scenes are pretty comedic, but as for a car movie, it's flat-out stupid. Just the two main characters in the film make it a really disappointing film because of their ridiculous acting. Not to mention that the whole concept of this film is worthless.

The movie revolves around cousins Bo and Luke Duke who have the tendency to find trouble with the law anywhere they go. While the two are constantly escaping from the problems that they’ve caused, they’re aided by their beloved car, their 1969 Dodge Charger named the General Lee. Not to mention that the Dodge Charger is among the best muscle cars. As for the boy’s enemy, Boss Hogg, a corrupt politician who sends Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane to capture the boys.

The Transformers franchise as a whole is fantastic. Alien robots turning into cars? That's awesome, right? But one of the films from the franchise that we couldn't stand was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And we were utterly let down by the outcome.

So, two years after Sam Witwicky and his Autobot friends save the Earth from the Decepticons, he then faces a new battle… college. On the other hand, Optimus Prime and the Autobots are working with a secret military organization and attempting to make a home for themselves on Earth. But when an ancient Decepticon known as The Fallen rises up to wreak vengeance, Sam and Mikaela have to understand the history of the Transformers in order to defeat The Fallen.

Speed Racer is about… Speed Racer. That’s his name. So, it revolves around him and how he’s born into a family who runs race cars for a living. While sitting at the wheel of his Mach 5, Speed consistently deflates the competition.

But when he turns down an offer from the head of Royalton Industries, he unravels a secret. Powerful moguls fix the race in order to boost profits. So, in hopes to beat the executive, Speed joins the same arduous cross-country race that killed his brother. This is without a doubt one of the worst car movies ever.

While the original Dead Race in 2000 was an amazing film, the reboot is a total flunk. From the all-time worst car movies ever, Death Race 2008 is just plain pointless. If the original film came out great, they should’ve just left it at that. No need for a reboot—it’s utterly useless.

So, three-time speedway champion Jensen Ames is framed for a murder that he didn’t commit. But when he discovers himself at Terminal Island, which is the country’s toughest prison, he’s offered an unexpected chance at freedom when the warden gives him a choice to compete in the Death Race as a mythical driver named Frankenstein or rot in prison forever. I’m sure his choice is obvious.

Nicholas Cage is in a film that's among the absolute worst car movies in history? Surprise, surprise. So, this remake of the original Gone in 60 Seconds completely destroyed the greatness the original film gave off. The 2000 version lost all of the spark and excitement the first one had. Not to mention that Angeline Jolie in this had some pretty great performance skills… not.

Gone in 60 Seconds is based on Randall “Memphis” Raines who abandoned his life of crime a while ago. But shortly after, he was visited by an old friend and finds that he has no other choice but to return to what he does best—which is stealing cars. He steals cars to save his brother’s life, and it comes down to one night, 50 cars, and a contract.

Just the title of the movies says it all—Killdozer! While it's one of the worst car movies that's exists, it's easily a cringe-worthy film. The mix of cars and horror definitely doesn't cooperate well together, and this film is the perfect example.

Killdozer! is essentially about a bulldozer that's energized by an alien force. And throughout the entire film, construction workers are battling this rampaging... bulldozer. If you want a good laugh at a really dumb film, I highly suggest this one.

Now, this one shocks me. Almost any film that Aaron Paul is in is amazing. However, Need for Speed wasn't his best. Aaron in general did great at acting... but it's the plot that throws us off.

Need for Speed is about Tobey Marshall who’s a mechanic and also races muscle cars in an underground circuit. While he’s struggling to keep his business alive, he teams up with wealthy but traitorous Dino Brewster. When Dino frames Tobey for a crime that drags him to prison, two years later, Tobey is released and is fixated on getting revenge.

Veteran thief Quint is hired by the FBI in order to steal a bit of politically volatile computer tapes. While the owners of the tapes are displeased, they start to chase Quint across the countryside. And right when he was about to surrender everything, Quint’s car is stolen by Nina—and everything was in his car. She brings the car to her corporate-villain boyfriend Rylan who runs a hot auto ring.

Black Moon Rising is definitely among the all-time worst car movies ever. The entire film as a whole is terrible. Despite the fact that it's an 80s film, it consists of poor acting, a horrible storyline, and... it's just not good.

Lastly, among the absolute worst car movies, is The Last Ride. So the movie starts off with Ronnie Purnell heading to jail right after his wife passes away when the two attempted a bank robbery. Purnell states to have their son Aaron raised by their friend Darryl Krutz, who was actually responsible for Ronnie going to prison.

When Aaron grows up, he becomes a police officer who is worried that he will not be able to stop his own son Matt from becoming a criminal. This movie couldn't be any more confusing.

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