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why rolls royce is so special & expensive

Its unique embroidery on the vehicle's upholstery is also one of the reasons why Rolls-Royces are expensive.

By Emmanuel AndrewPublished 8 months ago 4 min read

Rolls-Royce is one of the world's most iconic and prestigious luxury car brands. For over a century, Rolls-Royce has been synonymous with luxury, elegance, and engineering excellence, with each vehicle crafted with the utmost attention to detail and designed to provide the ultimate driving experience. In this article, we will explore the history of Rolls-Royce, its cars' features, and the brand's unique approach to luxury.

History of Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce was founded in 1906 by Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. The company's first car, the Rolls-Royce 10 hp, was unveiled in 1904 and became an instant success. By 1907, the company had produced its first six-cylinder car, and in 1908, Rolls-Royce introduced the Silver Ghost, which became known as the "best car in the world."

Over the years, Rolls-Royce has continued to innovate, introducing new features such as air conditioning, power steering, and disc brakes. In the 1960s, the company produced the Phantom V, a luxury limousine that quickly became a symbol of wealth and prestige. In the 21st century, Rolls-Royce has continued to set the standard for luxury cars, introducing features such as laser headlights, self-leveling suspension, and a virtual assistant named Eleanor.

Design and Features

Rolls-Royce cars are designed with the utmost attention to detail, from the handcrafted leather seats to the carefully polished wood veneers. Each car is unique, with customers given the opportunity to customize every aspect of the vehicle, including the exterior color, interior materials, and even the shape of the hood ornament.

One of the most distinctive features of Rolls-Royce cars is their "pantheon" grille, a large and imposing grille that has become a hallmark of the brand. The grille is made up of hundreds of individual pieces of stainless steel, each carefully crafted to create a perfect reflection.

Rolls-Royce cars are also known for their exceptional performance, with each vehicle powered by a powerful V12 engine. The engines are designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride, with power delivered seamlessly and effortlessly. The cars also feature state-of-the-art suspension systems, which use advanced technology to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the roughest of roads.

Luxury and Comfort

Perhaps the most defining feature of Rolls-Royce cars is their exceptional luxury and comfort. Each car is designed to provide the ultimate driving experience, with every detail carefully crafted to ensure the highest levels of comfort and convenience.

The interior of a Rolls-Royce car is a masterpiece of design, with every surface covered in the finest materials. The seats are made from the softest leather, while the dashboard and door panels are adorned with polished wood veneers. The cars also feature state-of-the-art entertainment systems, with high-end speakers and large high-definition displays.

Safety features:

Rolls-Royce is a brand that takes safety seriously, and its cars are designed with a wide range of advanced safety features to help keep passengers safe and secure.

One of the key safety features of Rolls-Royce cars is the advanced electronic stability control system. This system is designed to help the driver maintain control of the car in difficult driving conditions, such as slippery roads or tight corners. The system uses a combination of sensors and computer algorithms to adjust the engine output, braking, and steering to keep the car on the intended path.

Rolls-Royce cars also feature a range of advanced driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. Adaptive cruise control uses radar and cameras to monitor the distance between the car and the vehicle ahead, adjusting the car's speed to maintain a safe following distance. Lane departure warning alerts the driver if the car starts to drift out of its lane without signaling, helping to prevent accidents caused by driver distraction.

Rolls-Royce cars also feature a range of advanced safety features, designed to keep passengers safe and secure. These include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and collision avoidance systems.


Rolls-Royce is a brand that represents the ultimate in luxury and elegance. With its handcrafted interiors, powerful engines, and state-of-the-art technology, every Rolls-Royce car is a masterpiece of design and engineering. The brand's commitment to excellence has made it a favorite among the world's wealthiest and most discerning individuals, and its cars are considered some of the most prestigious and sought-after vehicles in the world. If you are looking for the ultimate driving experience, there is simply no substitute for a Rolls-Royce.

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